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50 Really Annoying Facebook Friends We All Have

The list to end all lists is here. How many of these people are on your friends list?

5. The World Traveler Friend

Everybody knows somebody with a travel bug. These people seem to be on constant vacation mode. They even take vacations from their vacations. You always know where these friends are because they post play-by-play updates on their journeys, often times down to the wonderful feeling of the sand between their toes.

Annoying Facebook Friends: World Traveler Friend

4. TheImReallyTwoPeople Friend

There are few things more annoying in life than the Hollywood celebrity super couple concept. Brangelina, TomKat, etc. One of the things that actually is more annoying is when average, regular, every-day people think they are cool enough to pull this off. Do they share the same tooth brush too? The worst part is that their user names never work with Facebook’s name guidelines, so they’re always leaving out spaces and forcing their names together. Please people. One Facebook account per person.

Annoying Facebook Friends: ImReallyTwoPeople Friend

3. The “I’m Much Richer Than You” Friend

This friend is loaded and they want the whole world to know it. They won’t quite say “I’m much richer than you”, but they’ll drop little hints from time to time.

Annoying Facebook Friends: I'm Much Richer Than You Friend

2. The Party Friend

This friend is always partying it up, rain, hail, snow, or shine. It could be 2 in the afternoon and they’ve managed to figure out a way to find themselves in an embarrassing party picture showcasing their poor judgement (or “pour” judgement) for all to see.

Annoying Facebook Friends: Party Friend

1. The “Get A Room” Friend

These are easily the most annoying friends you can have on Facebook, especially if you’re single. They aren’t hard to find. Look for your friends who are in relationships. If you’re not sure if one of your friends is dating somebody, then they most likely aren’t in this category. If you and the whole world knows how much in love they are, then you might have some “Get A Room” friends. They are always posting intimate and romantic messages on each other’s public timelines and they usually have their privacy settings set to either global or friends of friends. They also usually have very “clingy” profile pictures of themselves as a couple.

Annoying Facebook Friends: Get a Room Friend

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But wait, there’s one friend that tops the rest. As annoying as all of our Facebook friends can be, if we’re all truly honest with ourselves, we wouldn’t trade them for not having friends on Facebook at all. This of course brings us to our final friend…

BONUS: The “Too Good For Facebook” Friend

While not technically an “Annoying Facebook Friend”, Mr. or Mrs. “Too Good For Facebook” annoys us more than everybody else on this list for some reason. Maybe it’s because we’re jealous of their super-human ability to resist social networking, or maybe it’s just because we wish they were here suffering with us too. Perhaps one day they will join the ranks of the rest of the online world. Until then, we hope they enjoy their elite club.

Annoying Facebook Friends: Too Good For Facebook Friend

If you didn’t make it halfway through this list without getting confused and thinking that you were actually on Facebook looking at your own friend’s status updates, perhaps it’s time to delete some friends. If you found that you fall into several of these categories, perhaps it’s time to take a good hard look in the mirror (and then pull out your cell phone, snap a duck face photo, and save it as your new profile picture).

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Written by Andrew Fischer

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