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    Will Smith Confirmed as Genie in Disney’s Live-Action Aladdin Remake

    It’s true. Will Smith has accepted the role of the wish-granting, fun-loving, quick-witted friend of Aladdin in Disney’s live action installment of the 1992 classic. It’ll be interesting to see how the star will look in a pony tail, chin-strap beard and gold bracelets (no word on whether or not Shaq or Sinbad were available […]

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    Link Between Pepsi and World Peace Found, Scientists Report

    TIMES SQUARE, NYC—In what’s being called “the product placement that was felt around the world,” protesters and police officers have discovered the power of Pepsi and its refreshing ability to bridge any gap—helping people easily set aside even the most irreconcilable differences. It all started during a recent protest against ambiguity when a 20-something female bystander […]

  • Caption Contest Official Rules

    From time to time, we'll hold image caption contests on Facebook for various prizes. The latest contest and rules can be found on this page. If you have any questions about this contest, please contact us. CAPTION CONTEST: We're giving away a $5 gift card to whoever comes up with the funniest caption for this [...]
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    “Still doing the music thing, huh?”

    “What’s that?” “Oh…they’re just some lyrics that I’m writing…” “Yeah…let’s put those away.” That was a funny moment. And when I say “funny” I mean the “awkward tension” kind of funny as my supervisor confronted me on the clock. The kind of funny where no one actually laughed, yet I couldn’t help to smirk as […]

  • Get Paid to Write Articles For PopMalt

    Want to get paid to write articles? Can you move people with your words? We want to pay you for your writing! We're constantly looking for quality writers who can contribute funny, uplifting, or other articles related to pop culture. The ideal candidates can produce engaging content that appeals to a wide demographic. Our readership is [...]
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    Entire World Watches in Awe as Local Teenager Wears Shorts All Winter Long

    COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—A local high school freshman has managed to impress absolutely everyone in the world by wearing shorts every single day of this past Colorado winter. An assembly of more than 500 school faculty, parents, and police officers from around the city recently honored Matthew Price in an internationally televised event. “Matthew has singlehandedly […]

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    Ever Wondered What Classic Disney Characters Would Look Like in Real Life?

    Finnish artist and graphic designer Jirka Väätäinen has become internationally famous for digitally recreating Disney princesses, princes, and villains as they might look in real life. He’s exceedingly good at it and has had his work featured on and all over the Internet. His breathtaking work is a combination of digital painting, photo manipulation, and clearly […]

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    CrossFit May Soon Allow Workouts to Count Even if Not Posted to Facebook

    CrossFit, the sport that put the post-WOD (workout of the day) social media post on the map, is reportedly considering doing away with the widely-disputed requirement. Sources close to Reebok leadership confirmed these rumors, which have been met with mixed feelings from the sport’s athletes. This potentially game-changing decision comes in light of a controversial new […]

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    The Single Girl’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

    It’s that time of year again. A time where everywhere you look there’s overpriced chocolate in heart-shaped boxes, red roses by the dozen, and giant teddy bears that are nice in theory but, seriously, where would you put it? You’re not bitter because you’re single on Valentine’s Day, you’re annoyed because Valentine’s Day is the […]

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    NFL Recalls Patriots’ Super Bowl Title After #NotMyChampions Hashtag Surfaces

    HOUSTON, TEXAS—After performing the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, the New England Patriots won yet again, beating both the Atlanta Falcons and 95% of Americans 34 to 28. As the Patriots were accepting their trophies, however, hundreds of protestors began shouting “Not my Super Bowl champions”. The hashtag #NotMySuperBowlChampions immediately began trending on Facebook […]

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    The Best Superbowl Commercials of 2017

    If you live in America, you’re probably aware that the Superbowl is this weekend. Who’s playing? As far as we can tell, it’s the Patriots and some other team that everybody is rooting to see beat the Patriots. But really, if we’re all honest with ourselves, it’s the commercials that we’re really looking forward to. […]

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      We’re sorry, but the page you are trying to load is temporarily unavailable due to some site maintenance that is going on right now. Don’t worry—we’ve dispatched highly trained hamsters to get the ball rolling again. Please check back in a few minutes! In the meantime, here are few things you can do to […]

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    20 Horrible Roommates We’ve All Lived With

    Roommates. Can’t live with them, can’t pay the rent without them. As long as you’re not still living in Mom and Dad’s basement, you’ve probably come across some of these beauties of homicidal rage. We’ve all heard the stories of moochers and Scrooges, of neat freaks and slobs alike. Now here are the best of […]

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    Dear Man With the Yellow Roses

    Dear man with the yellow roses, I haven’t forgotten you, I never will. I was 15, so young, so angry, so resentful of anyone with a smile. It was late, I was cleaning the counters, getting ready to end my shift and lock the doors after another day of pointless monotony. You walked in, and […]