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David Beckham Remained Surprisingly Calm During James Corden’s Savage Statue Prank

“Let me ask you, what are the good things about it that you like?”

When Late Show host James Corden heard that David Beckham had yet to see his finished statue slated for placement outside of the LA Galaxy stadium, he decided to prank him with the Cristiano Ronaldo treatment (which, shockingly, was not a prank, but a legitimate epic fail), resulting in a hilarious debut.

David Beckham showed up for what he thought would be a final inspection of a statue made in his image, but what happened instead would test even the kindest of personalities. Good thing David was such a good sport!

In order to set the stage for the unveiling, James hired actors who purposely said wrong things about David’s career as well as calling him “Dave” something he says only his mother does. Not only that, but the highlight reel of his playing career showed more lowlights than highs.

Just watch…

As you can see in the video, David wasn’t expecting the extra long chin, oversized backside, and especially not the demon eyes, but he did a great job keeping his anger in check as he explains to the “artist” what is wrong with statue (which is just about everything).

When asked “Let me ask you, what are the good things about it that you like?”, David is left speechless.

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Written by Denise Fisher

Denise is a stay-at-home artist and business owner, with a dream of becoming a famous writer someday, that, or winning a lifetime supply of pizza.