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Background Extra Hilariously Highlights Himself in All the Films He’s “Starred”

You’ve probably seen him dozens of times but would never recognize him on the street.

What do you do when you’re always the extra, but never the star? If you’re Eduardo Zapata, you make yourself shine by assembling all of your background shots together and making sure everyone sees you. Then you add dramatic movie trailer music and iconic movie quotes just to take it over the top.

In this hilarious compilation video, Eduardo has cleverly made himself the star of his acting roles, dozens of which we’ve all probably watched over and over, including television series, movies, music videos, commercials and PSA announcements. But, would we recognize him if we walked by him on the street? Probably not; after all, the movie industry isn’t all glamour and movie posters.

The next time you need a little “extra” attention, do what Eduardo did and think outside the box (or is it inside the circle?); he made the best of his situation, but now it’s back to the background for him!

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Written by Denise Fisher

Denise is a stay-at-home artist and business owner, with a dream of becoming a famous writer someday, that, or winning a lifetime supply of pizza.