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21 Sarcastic Personality Quiz Results Your Annoying Friends Deserve

Which Star Wars character are you? Just for asking that, you are Jar Jar Binks. Happy now?

10. Which Animal Are You?

Dog? Cat? Horse? Close… Keep going. Lion? Tiger? Bear? Oh my, I’ll just tell you. You’re a naked mole rat. Yes, you are this animal. Don’t be too bummed though. With a life-span of up to 30 years, these things live longer than most rodents. They also are highly insusceptible to cancer. If you’re past the age of 30 though, you’re quite a few years past this checkpoint we in the adult world like to refer to as being an adult. No more online quizzes for you. It’s time to take the quiz of life. “What grown-up thing are you gong to do today?”

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

9. Which Animated Disney Character Are You?

Yay, another quiz to take! How fun! Maybe Belle? Are you Simba? Perhaps even Cinderella or the actual Prince Charming himself? Keep thinking that people. You’re Yzma. I don’t care if you’re a guy or a girl. You’re Yzma. Learn to brush your teeth. And a new wardrobe wouldn’t hurt. The list goes on. You could stand to work on quite a few things about yourself. Go ahead. Share those quiz results. It’ll only confirm it.

Photo credit: Walt Disney Pictures, “The Emperor's New Groove”
Photo credit: Walt Disney Pictures, “The Emperor’s New Groove”

8. Which Car Are You?

Mustang? Lamborghini? Ferrari? That’s cute. And speaking of cute, if you guessed smart car, you’re correct. Ding, ding, ding! And by smart car, I mean you’re a toy car. You are not cool. You are not good looking. You are, however, supposedly in possession of superior intellect, hence your name “smart car”. Even so, you’re very easy to tip over.

Photo credit: Instagram/ExtremeCam
Photo credit: Instagram/ExtremeCam

7. Which Celebrity Are You?

If you’re a teenage girl, you’ll probably be happy to hear this. If you’re everybody else, this will chafe your butts. You’re Justin Bieber. You’re Justin Bieber. You’re Justin Bieber. Said three times in a row in case you’re skimming and trying to avoid the truth. You are Justin Bieber. You think you are Usher, but you are not. The only difference between you and Miley Cyrus is the placement of your tramp stamp. You also have a sightly higher pitched voice.

Photo credit: Schoolboy Records
Photo credit: Schoolboy Records

6. Which Pokémon Are You?

You’re useless. You are Magikarp. You can sometimes muster up the strength to flop around, but that’s pretty much it. You couldn’t catch them all if you tried. You will not evolve. You will lose every battle.

Photo credit: Nintendo
Photo credit: Nintendo
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