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This Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Video is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

It’s practically American Ninja Warrior, squirrel edition.

Mark Rober is at it again with another insanely viral video based on his mechanical engineering skillset. Yes, the same guy who brought us the satisfaction of watching porch pirates open glitter bombs has now set his sights on birds—specifically bird watching from the comfort of his home.

Only when his friendly neighborhood squirrels started showing up instead, he used his quarantine time wisely and manufactured an incredible squirrel-sized obstacle course that each squirrel must successfully pass first in order to prove their worthiness of a free lunch.

The result is easily the best video we’ve seen on the Internet in a long time.

What did you think of the elaborate measures he took to achieve this squirrel proof bird feeder? What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to subscribe to Mark’s YouTube channel for more of his inventive contraptions.

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Written by Andrew Fischer

Andrew Fischer is the Head Writer and Editor-in-Chief of PopMalt. He is an avid follower of all things pop and Internet culture, and works as Creative Director at NURV, a boutique creative multimedia and digital marketing company. He is also the founder of The Jericho Joe.