Rufio and the Lost Boys From ‘Hook’ All Grew Up and Did a 25th-Anniversary Reunion Photo Shoot

Imaginary Food Fights Were Had

It wouldn’t be a Hook reunion without frosting food fights.

The epic food fight was recreated
The epic food fight was recreated. © 22Vision

Rufio was even a good sport about it this time around.

"Hey Rufio..." SPLAT!
“Hey Rufio…” SPLAT! © 22Vision

Happy Thoughts Were Written Down Again

“Think happy thoughts, Peter!”

What's your happy thought?
What’s your happy thought? © 22Vision

Even ‘Young Peter Pan’ Grew Up

You may remember the flashback scenes where we see young Peter Pan, played by Ryan Francis. He’s all grown up now too, but still fitting into those smashing tights.

Ryan Francis as Young Peter Pan
Ryan Francis as Young Peter Pan. © 22Vision

Remembering ‘The Pan’, Robin Williams

While this reunion was noticeably missing ‘The Pan’, Robin Williams, who died two years ago this month, Dante Basco still recreated the emotional scene where Rufio hands his gold sword to Robin and says “You are the Pan”. Indeed, Robin Williams was and is Peter Pan. There will never be one better.

"You are the Pan."
“You are the Pan.” © 22Vision

And Finally, The Inevitable Group Shot

If you didn’t have a childhood, you might think there’s a new hipster boy band in town… Oh how wrong you would be! Bangarang!

The Lost Boys Return to Neverland for the Hook 25th Anniversary
The Lost Boys Return to Neverland for the Hook 25th Anniversary. © 22Vision

These are just some of the many photos from this commemorative photo shoot. To see the rest, go to 22Vision’s Facebook album, or click on the album thumbnails below.

They also put together a short “Where Are They Now” video featuring updates on all the kids from Hook. Last, but certainly not least, here’s the behind the scenes video of this reunion/photoshoot:

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Whether you’re old, young, or somewhere in between, you’re never too old for the childhood innocence and magic of Neverland, as the cast of Hook clearly demonstrated with this reunion. While these photos may make us all feel a little older, Robin Williams’ closing line of the movie still rings true. “To live, to live would be an awfully big adventure.”

Hook can be purchased or rented through Amazon Video, so what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn, your kids, and some pixie dust, and return to Neverland once more.



Written by Andrew Fischer

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