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Disney Releases Live-Action ‘Mulan’ Teaser Trailer Ahead of 2020 Theatrical Release

Let’s get down to business…to defeat…the Huns!


First, we started off our 4th of July weekend finding out who the new lead in ‘The Little Mermaid’ was. Then, yesterday Disney drops the first teaser trailer for the live-action Mulan remake.

If you watched Team USA win the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup last night, you probably saw the very first teaser trailer of ‘Mulan’ during the commercial break. If you missed it, we got you:

Wasn’t that teaser amazing? The action sequences. The colors. You could even hear ‘Reflection’ playing in the background. It’s evident that actress Liu Yifei aka Mulan will kill it in this role. Did you see the intense stealth and fierceness on her face? Oh yeah, and martial arts legend Jet Li will be in the film as well. No biggie.

Now, we have so many questions. What will the suspense be like when they show Mulan sneaking out of her house in the cover of night? How will she go about convincing Shang she’s a man? What evil will be felt when sinister Shan Yu slithers his way into China? And, the avalanche. Ah, the avalanche!

We wonder if Mushu or Cri-Kee will make an appearance. The trailer didn’t seem like a comedy by any means. You never know. They might get small cameos. Doesn’t really seem to fit the “serious” vibe though.

All we know is, the original version set the bar pretty high with its innovative animation, prime original score, and comedic relief of Eddie Murphy—so much so, that it earned both Oscar and Golden Globe nominations. The trailer above, however, is a pretty good indicator of a remake that will bring honor to the Fa family.

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The live-action train keeps chugging along as Mulan joins the family of classic Disney reboots. Though we now have a glimpse into this one, the rest of it still is as mysterious as the dark side of the moon.

‘Mulan’ hits theaters March 27, 2020.

Written by David Leal

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