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Colin Trevorrow Teases Jurassic World Sequel With Intense 8-Minute Short Film

Hold onto your butts and watch this right now.

Disclaimer: If you get scared while camping, this short film may not be for you. (But seriously, just watch it. It’s pretty great.)

Colin Trevorrow directs the new 8-minute short film “Battle At Big Rock” released yesterday by Universal Studios. In this short, the Jurassic World director gives us a glimpse of where the franchise is going in 2021’s Jurassic World 3 (working title).

Just watch. Spoilers below the video.

There is no evidence that this particular short is in fact a scene from the upcoming sequel, but it does tell us a few things about what we can expect in Universal’s third installment.

Most importantly, we can see in the film, that in 2021, dinosaurs have now spread to the civilized world, including the United States in particular. Bears, mountain lions, and wolves are now the least of people’s concerns when enjoying a good old-fashioned family camping trip. As a side note, is hanging out in the forest ever a good thing in a Jurassic movie?

What will these new developments mean for the next plot? Basically, the sky is the limit (let’s be honest, none of us expect to see dinosaurs in space, but after the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, it’s clear not much is off limits with where these movies could go.)

Hold onto your butts.

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Written by Andrew Fischer

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