Rufio and the Lost Boys From ‘Hook’ All Grew Up and Did a 25th-Anniversary Reunion Photo Shoot

When Peter Pan, played by the beloved Robin Williams, returned to Neverland as an adult to rescue his captured children in the classic 1991 film Hook nearly 25 years ago, the rag-tag band of orphaned ‘Lost Boys’ gave him quite the hazing. “All grown-ups are pirates!”, they shouted. In an ironic twist of events, the Lost Boys have now found themselves in a similar position. Like Peter, they all moved on with their lives, but also like Peter, they’ve found their way back to Neverland after all these years—25 years later to be exact, and of course, all grown up.

Production company 22Vision recently reunited all of the original Lost Boys for the first time since the movie’s release for a once-in-a-lifetime return to Neverland. Here are some of the photos from this magical photo shoot full of happy thoughts.

Then and Now

22Vision did an excellent job of recreating the look, feel, and even poses of the Lost Boys.

The Lost Boys then and now.
The Lost Boys then and now. © 22Vision


Bangarang! © 22Vision


Rufio was the Lost Boy that every kid wanted to be. Dante Basco, who portrayed Rufio in the film, is even holding the same sword from the movie in this photo.

Dante Basco as Rufio
Dante Basco as Rufio. © 22Vision

‘Thud Butt’

If you didn’t remember the names of the non-Rufio Lost Boys, you’re not alone. You’re about to get an education, though! Here’s Raushan Hammond. We’d like to know if he can still do that impressively flexible rolling into a bowling ball maneuver.

Raushan Hammond as Thud Butt
Raushan Hammond as Thud Butt. © 22Vision

‘Don’t Ask’

Yep. “Don’t Ask” was the actual name of the Lost Boy played by James Madio.

James Madio as Don't Ask
James Madio as Don’t Ask. © 22Vision


Isaiah Robinson may have been the youngest Lost Boy, but his childlike innocence allowed him to be the first to see that Peter Banning was really Peter Pan.

Isaiah Robinson as Pockets. © 22Vision
Isaiah Robinson as Pockets. © 22Vision

‘Sooner’ and ‘Later’

The two kids who Tinker Bell motivates, played by twins Bryan and Brett Willis, recreated that very scene.

Bryan and Brett Willis as Sooner and Later
Bryan and Brett Willis as Sooner and Later. © 22Vision

‘Too Small’

Thomas Tulak as ‘Too Small’, the kid who shouted “Goodnight Neverland!”

Thomas Tulak as Too Small
Thomas Tulak as Too Small. © 22Vision

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