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Kylo Ren Goes ‘Undercover Boss’ at Starkiller Base in Hilarious SNL Star Wars Skit

‘Undercover Boss’ has been disguising high-level bosses since 2010, but nothing could have prepared you for SNL’s hilarious take on the popular show. While appearing as a guest, ‘The Force Awakens’ actor Adam Driver, who plays Kylo Ren in the latest addition to the Star Wars films, appears undercover in a highly entertaining twist on ‘Undercover Boss’. What type of conversations go down in the Storm Trooper break room? What do these blue-collar workers think of Kylo Ren’s goal to finish what Darth Vader started? Find out in the clip below.

And if that video wasn’t funny enough, here’s something to think long and hard about…

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Written by Andrew Fischer

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