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Movie Mashup Pits The Terminator, John Travolta, Scarface, Tom Cruise, and More in Epic Bar Fight

While most of our Labor Day weekends are reaching a plateau of imminent BBQ’s and an extra day of rest, Hell’s Club is stirring with characters spanning generations of cinema. Imagine what would happen if Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Terminator, Tony Montana, and practically every other action star all visited the same bar to go about their business of balancing the force, terminating the resistance, and hustling the mafia. Now stop imagining.

French VFX Editor & Director Antonio Da Silva has released a fantastic mash-up of several iconic characters, telling a story of intrigue and action through clever editing alone.

The titular Hell’s Club short film combines footage from dozens of major films, including the Star Wars series, Scarface, Saturday Night Fever, and Dirty Dancing.

Da Silva’s mashups have been slowly building attention since 2007; his other most well-known video mashup is the Robocop vs Terminator Mashup Series, which was re-edited for additional content and higher quality last year.

Although the original Terminator vs Robocop video was removed, Da Silva’s personal website cites that the video has been downloaded or viewed 28 million times.

Hell’s Club, as of this posting, has attracted nearly a million views in just six days — well on its way to rivaling its older sci-fi brother.

While the idea of mixing up pre-existing footage isn’t a novel idea, Hell’s Club does so in a way that creates a delectable story and creates something entirely new and enjoyable.

Do yourself a favor and be sure to stick around after the credits.

We’re eager to see if there will be a Hell’s Club 2.

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Written by Peter J. Farrell

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