Professional Dancer Surprises His Bride With Epic Wedding Reception Dance Routine

When bride-to-be and professional ballet dancer Valerie Tellmann-Henning asked her fiancé and now husband Kirk Henning to choreograph a special groomsmen dance for her at their wedding reception, he said it was unlikely to happen. As a professional ballet dancer himself, he claimed his busy traveling schedule didn’t leave him much time for extra things like this. Little did she know, he and his groomsmen were planning this little gem for her. It’s now been seen over 40 million times on Facebook alone. Just watch and you’ll see why.

Kirk not only choreographed the dance himself, but he managed to teach it to all of his groomsmen, despite the fact that several of them lived across the country. While only four of the groomsmen were professional dancers, one thing is for sure, aside from a few missed choreography beats, there weren’t any obvious left sharks trying to do their own thing and steal the show.

Like this guy, who made the Internet meme “Left Shark” popular earlier this year when he blatantly disregarded Katie Perry’s choreography dance routine suggestions during her Superbowl Half-Time Show performance:

What are some of your favorite wedding dance surprises? Let us know in the comments section below. Did you enjoy this video? Don’t forget to share this with your friends, especially those getting married in the near future!

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Written by Andrew Fischer

Andrew Fischer is the Head Writer and Editor-in-Chief of PopMalt. He is an avid follower of all things pop and Internet culture, and works as Creative Director at NURV, a boutique creative multimedia and digital marketing company. He is also the founder of The Jericho Joe.