The Toy Story 4 Trailer Just Made Sporks a Thing Again

Thanks to Pixar, small children won’t want to use spoons or forks anymore.

The long-awaited Toy Story 4 trailer released today online, and judging by the nearly two and a half minutes Disney-Pixar chose to show us, we can already see that Disney is mixing some things up and deviating from the classic formula of the original trilogy. Yes, there’s still a rescue. Yes, old characters are back (including a long-missed character). And yes, the film still appears to be full of the feels for adults too.

Where things shift, however, is in the “introduce expensive new toys that we can sell in stores” area. Sure, kids will want all the classic characters again, but the trailer spends almost a full minute of screen time introducing the film’s major new toy. Well, it’s kind of a toy… Just watch.

Unlike previous editions of Toy Story, where toys such as a new Buzz Lightyear or the members of Woody’s roundup were added to the lineup, the new toy in the franchise’s fourth installment is a child’s preschool art project—a disposable plastic spork with pipe-cleaner arms, popsicle stick feet, and a mismatched set of bobble eyes to top it off.

The trailer hints at a few possible villains, but if previous Toy Story films have taught us anything, it’s that Pixar always keeps a few surprises up their sleeves. We’re going to call it right now though. The villains will be plastic straws—hellbent on taking little forky down with them.

And by the way, now might be a great time to buy some packs of plastic sporks before they inevitably start flying off the shelves upon the film’s theatrical release on June 21.

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Written by Andrew Fischer

Andrew Fischer is the Head Writer and Editor-in-Chief of PopMalt. He is an avid follower of all things pop and Internet culture, and works as Creative Director at NURV, a boutique creative multimedia and digital marketing company. He is also the founder of The Jericho Joe.