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Star Wars Without Music Is More Awkward Than You’d Expect

In his ongoing quest to ruin Star Wars, George Lucas has announced plans to make the original trilogy more realistic by removing John Williams’ score. Ok, so the George Lucas part isn’t true, but one thing is for sure, it turns out Star Wars feels a lot more like normal life without music. Who knew? With just this one small fan-made edit, a scene that will forever be known as one of the most epic movie endings of all time is reduced to a mere high school graduation ceremony. The only thing missing is the occasional air horn, crying baby, or beach ball.

Watch the video below

Regardless of whether or not Han shot first, John Williams was definitely playing music during this scene if only to cover for Chewie’s multiple tourette-like outbursts. Yes, the cute friendly noises from this beloved movie character become a hundred times more awkward and inappropriate when it’s so quiet you can hear a pin drop.

Video courtesy Auralnauts

…and here’s the original with music

In case you forgot how awesome it was, or if you just need to see the right one, here’s the classic ending scene.

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