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“Pyramid Scheme University” Infomercial Hilariously Pitches Fictitious Book on Getting Rich Quick

“You lack social awareness. You look around at all your friends and think ‘How can I use these people for my own financial benefit?'” In this satirical video, comedian John Crist talks about his new book “Pyramid Scheme University”, in which he tackles all the tough multi-level marketing questions, including “What does a 23 year old collage dropout know about financial planning?” or “If this juice really cures diseases, why don’t they sell it in hospitals?”

Jon Crist is an up and coming comedian who is becoming more of a household name every day thanks to his growing success in comedy circuits nationwide. PopMalt spoke to John about life, his comedy success, and of course his most recent video, “Pyramid Scheme University”. When John Crist performed his first show just over 6 years ago on June 21st, 2009, it was the beginning of a dream come true. In his younger years, his dad asked him what he wanted to do with his life. Being a big fan of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he replied “I want to be Jay Leno”. He’s certainly on his way, having opened for Late Night host Seth Meyers, Natasha Leggero (one of the many roasters in Comedy Central’s recent Justin Bieber roast), Angela Johnson, and Adam Carolla, to name a few. When asked who he owed for his inspiration, however, Crist said it all started when he watched Katt Williams: The Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1, which was released on HBO in 2006. As he watched, something clicked within him, and he realized he had what it took to officially pursue his dream of being a stand-up comedian.

John, originally from Atlanta, Georgia, recently relocated to Santa Monica, California after completing several years of successful national comedy tours while based in Denver, Colorado. With his in-your-face, dry as the Sahara approach to finding humor in any and all real life situations, it’s no surprise that he’s dared to tackle the world of pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing in his latest video. When speaking with PopMalt about this video, John noted that you can’t scroll on social media for two minutes without seeing a status from one of your friends promoting a get-rich-quick business opportunity. As a comedian, he found that, not only was there potential comedy gold in this, but it was ripe for the picking and was begging to be called out. Interestingly enough, while many of his friends found the video hilarious, he felt it may have hit too close to home for some who claimed it was funny, but still managed to have trouble using that sometimes Oh-so-difficult-to-click share button. (Work-from-home friends, you know who you are!)

We asked John, whose comedic style includes laughing at his own jokes during his stand-up routines, if he found himself laughing out loud at any parts of his new video in particular. Immediately, he laughed and referred to its closing line “Because there’s no me in scheme. Oh wait, yes there absolutely is.” He also said that, while he didn’t deliver the testimonials himself in the video, he did write them, and found them to be quite humorous during playback. We agree. Especially the “Hi, I’m a real doctor” bit.

Image Copyright © 2015 John Crist Comedy
Image Copyright © 2015 John Crist Comedy

“Hi, I’m a real doctor. It’s obvious because of this lab coat and because I have one of these things. That juice you’re thinking of buying; it works.” – A Real Doctor

Just for fun, we asked John “In an alternate reality situation, let’s say you weren’t a comedian and you actually had written this book as a completely serious venture. What would you want people to take away from your book, and how much money would you expect them to be making after buying it?”

He said he would want people to annoy more people on Facebook by pushing their opportunities. “If you only post once a day about your pyramid scheme, you just need to update that to about five.” As for how much money people can expect to make after buying his book, he replied confidently “You’re gonna make a million dollars your first month, guaranteed.”

So, what’s next for John Crist? First of all, he’s on tour working on his new hour for his first DVD. He’s also working on some more videos. We can’t reveal what his next one is, but based on what he told us, it’ll be another winner. For now, make sure to check out his other videos on his YouTube channel. Here he is in his national TV debut performing on “Live at Gotham”.

For John’s stand-up tour schedule, visit his website You can also connect with him on Facebook, or by following @JohnBCrist on Instagram and Twitter.

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Written by Andrew Fischer

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