A 3D Studio Released Breathtaking Images of How the Notre Dame Rebuild Could Look

Long live Notre Dame.

"Notre Dame de Paris aerial view" render by Miysis 3D.

In the aftermath of famed Notre Dame de Paris’ tragic blaze on April 15th, 3D artists from Belgium-based CGI studio Miysis have released a stunning computer-generated vision of how the historic cathedral’s reconstruction could look.

These images are merely artist renders of one particular vision, and the studio themselves stated they have no plans to promote or submit these images for consideration by the renovation committee.

That being said, these images are still inspirational and do a fantastic job of visualizing some of what the future could hold for the iconic cathedral.

Here’s what Miysis posted on Facebook:

Hello everyone,

Miysis wants to pay tribute to Notre Dame de Paris with a series of images showing a rather personal version of what we believe could be a respectful reconstruction of an edifice that has endured for generations. We would want our proposition to evoke both its traditional structure that has now sadly disappeared, whilst also taking on the ambitious challenge of developing a new vision that is more deeply rooted in our present.

So that Notre Dame may not only recover her original beauty and continue her journey through time, but also remain a striking and powerful symbol for all future generations to come.

"Notre Dame de Paris day view" render by Miysis 3D.
“Notre Dame de Paris day view” render by Miysis 3D.

If you want to know more about our work on Notre Dame de Paris and download 4K pictures, feel free to visit:

Our approach is as follows:

We have all been deeply touched and saddened by the images of an age-old cathedral going up in flames before our disbelieving eyes. Seeing all this history, this immense collection of masterpieces, and this fine example of human craftsmanship being devoured into nothingness in a mere few hours has left us all with a deep sense of powerlessness.

But once the initial period of grief is over, it’s time to start rebuilding what we’ve lost. And there is no doubt that a group of highly talented architects and builders from France and all over the world will come together and return Notre Dame to her former glory, so that she may once again stand tall for centuries to come.

"Notre Dame de Paris night view" render by Miysis 3D.
“Notre Dame de Paris night view” render by Miysis 3D.

We at Miysis are neither carpenters nor architects, but we do attempt to visualize the future through computer-generated images. Not exactly real, and yet carrying a message. A message of hope and of a new future for Notre Dame.

We wanted to show you how we would envision the reconstruction of Notre Dame. A vision that both respects the original style of this iconic building, but that also represents the time we live in.

Our images have no other purpose than to transport you into an alternative future, one that will perhaps never be. A positive and inspiring future that is respectful of the environment, without attempting to mask the history of Notre Dame, one that accepts the impact of the flames and helps this church rise again from the ashes, a little different but more inviting than ever before.

Above all, we wanted to retain the size and dimensions of the original roof. We have chosen a rather sober and discrete exterior design that doesn’t in any way distort the shape of the building we have all come to love.

"Notre Dame de Paris glass roof" render by Miysis 3D.
“Notre Dame de Paris glass roof” render by Miysis 3D.

We thought it would be interesting to place a glazed canopy that follows the lines and positioning of the original frame since, on the outside, this structure would take on the look of stained-glass windows, all the while retaining the same simple aesthetic the original roof was known for.

Our team has envisioned a new, serene area for visitors to walk around in. It would be situated right below the roof, in the space that those familiar with Notre Dame used to refer to as “La Forêt” (the forest). What could possibly be more natural than to pay tribute to this symbolic forest by redeveloping it into a truly green space.

"Notre Dame de Paris interior day view" render by Miysis 3D.
“Notre Dame de Paris interior day view” render by Miysis 3D.

We have decided against simply making an identical copy of all that was lost. And yet, we felt it was important to also not dismiss the craftsmanship that has allowed for the construction of such a highly complex, mythical wooden structure in the first place.

In our vision, the floor has become a physical reminder of the lost frame’s former structure. That same frame of which certain elements have been rebuilt as an exact replica and symbolically placed back into the four corners of the roof.

"Notre Dame de Paris aerial view" render by Miysis 3D.
“Notre Dame de Paris aerial view” render by Miysis 3D.

And then there is the spire at the center of the building.

Identically reconstructed by the very best craftsmen and fashioned in more modern materials that remain undeniably faithful to the original.

A spire that has been reunited with its towers. Two giants that have accompanied it throughout the centuries and that were miraculously spared from the fire. This former icon would be fully restored and henceforth illuminated, showcased like never before in its entire history…

"Notre Dame de Paris interior night view" render by Miysis 3D.
“Notre Dame de Paris interior night view” render by Miysis 3D.

This is our vision for the future of Notre Dame de Paris, knowing full well that not a single proposition will be met with unanimous approval, and that only simplicity and restraint are appropriate for this building that is above all a religious, historic and cultural space. We have no intention of submitting or even promoting this project.

With these images, we wanted to share our vision with you. A vision of a future that may never come to be, but that we still wanted to show you.

Long live Notre Dame.


Additional images from Miysis’ project can be seen on their website.

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