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20 Horrible Roommates We’ve All Lived With

Roommates. Can’t live with them, can’t pay the rent without them.

15. The “I Left One Oreo in the Box” Roommate

What is it with boundary issues and food? Okay. So you’re roommate actually has a sense of sharing and picking up the slack on buying groceries. But does she really have to keep leaving the shelves full of empty containers, never to touch them again? Crumbs of pretzels in the bag, three drops of orange juice left in the bottle? There’s nothing more frustrating than dreaming about that box of Nilla Wafers all day just to come home and find out they were never in there to begin with.

14. The “I’m Actually the Boyfriend/Girlfriend of Your Roommate” Roommate

Twice the person, no cut in the rent. Why is your roommate’s significant other over so much all of a sudden? Was there an eviction nobody bothered to tell you about? It’s even more awkward when you’ve never been properly introduced.

13. The “I’m Constantly Getting Some” Roommate

When you’re single, nothing is worse than hearing somebody else making out in the next room. Whether it’s an ongoing relationship or they’re just picking up strangers from bars, your roommate brings somebody home almost every night. You could get around this by turning up the volume on World of Warcraft, but still.

“I’ll never find someone.”

12. The “I Don’t Know What a Sink Is” Roommate

She piles her dishes in the sink, around the sink, on the floor in front of the sink…neither her creativity nor her Jenga skills can be surpassed. If only she’d channel some of that energy into being a responsible adult. In the meantime, you’re fighting tooth and nail to find a spoon for your cereal that isn’t encrusted with last month’s Ramen.

11. The “I Found a Cat!” Roommate

This delightful conundrum often rides the coattails of the “All Our Food Should Be Communal” roommate. I mean, if all the food should be communal, why shouldn’t the apartment be, too? Stray cats for all! Just don’t remind him about your allergies; he has selective hearing.

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Written by Todd St. James

Todd St. James is a freelance writer for PopMalt.