1. MiketheGrinder

    Get paid to lose weight with HealthyWage and DietBet

    If you like to gamble and want to lose weight then these two options may work for you. It's all about betting. Meet the goal and you'll make money, fail to hit the goal and you'll lose it. HealthyWage is only applicable for those with obesity. It seems to have a high payout so I can see how...
  2. NewGamePlus

    AGDQ/SGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quickly)

    I don't think people are yet aware of this, so I might as well do my part to bring its existence to everyone's attention. There are a lot of them I could use as examples, but I might as well use the overall best, most fitting example I could, so here goes: The one I'm watching right now is...