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Music Zwillich: 'Bowie is the Most Influential Living Musician'


I ♥ Haters
I would agree with him actually. Taking just artistry into account, David Bowie probably is the most influential musician alive. You can kinda see shades of Bowie's influence in a lot of groundbreaking artists who came after him - MJ, Madonna, the entire New Wave genre of the 80s etc.

Although I suppose it's a little subjective. I would like to think that in terms of philanthropy and civil rights, Bob Dylan probably made more of an impact. But in terms of artistry, I'll give the edge to David Bowie.

PS. Anyone who hates Ziggy Stardust is fucking crazy.


still nobody's bitch
My reply is different now than it would have been had I posted when you originally made this thread. I spent all day yesterday listening to Bowie, and I'm going to have to agree. Glam rock, new wave, and punk pop owe so much to him. Each time he reinvented himself, a whole new musical movement followed. He was truly a pioneer.