Zune vs. iPod


rainbow 11!
The first involves processing power (which music players don't need, if you want to play games you should buy something tailored to it) the second probably deals with drive space. Neither of them are iPod issuse.

I only have the four original games it came with.

I'm not even using 1GB of space out of the 30GB I have..


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Some people say that the Zune is better, but to me I would get an iPod just for the fact that I can hide that thing when deemed nescessary. The Zune is big and would be a problem carrying around in some places where the iPod nano and such wouldn't. But I'm 50/50 on the thing since the Zune I heard had as much space as the iPod(30GB I think) but has a bigger screen so you can see MV's better.