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First before I ask my two questions I want to ask first why is this called the pop malt?. . Where is your pop malts? Give me chocolate please. I like chocolate just as much as most girls do. What's your flavor pop malt. . Ok all kidding around here. Now to my two questions.

First is a question to car users. If you don't drive a car then remember the cars you have been a passenger in . .

Question one. Most who have driven has drove more than one car over the years. Please then share what was your favorite that you have owned?. . Explain why you liked this car so much. . If you want you can also mention the car you hated most. Whats trouble is it gave you?. .

Question two is: Do you prefer a stick shift or automatic vehicle? Give your reason which one you like better. .

To those who don't drive what's the best car you have sat in as a passenger? What was your favorite car? . If you were to drive would you prefer auto or stick shift?. .

So basically name your favorite vehicle you owned or have rode in. Bonus question: What's the worst one? Give explanations for answer. Only on face book people post one word answers. That place gets boring at times which is why I like pop malt.

Second do you prefer auto or shift stick drive. Why the race is on.
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