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Zoom Had 62M Downloads in a Week


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The videoconferencing platform Zoom saw 62 million downloads during a single week of March due to the Coronavirus lockdowns.

Their stock has gone up for the last several weeks, but appears to have hit some resistance.


The craziest thing is that their symbol is ZM, while another company’s is ZOOM. The other company saw massive movement recently from people who have no clue how to actually find the correct symbol for a publicly traded company.

ZOOM doubled while the actual company behind the video platform is currently trending down.

I’ve had my eye on ZM for some time but don’t own any shares yet.


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I didn't know about zoom before coronavirus. Now I always use it and prefer it for conferencing involving more than 2 people.


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That's pretty amazing. Makes sense as it's a free videoconferencing service. People are adjusting to working from home. I think a lot of employers are starting to realize just how productive people can be without actually being at work.

At work we use Microsoft Teams primarily. I'm so glad our days of relying on skype are over. I'm also glad we don't use Zoom, I'm not a huge fan. The program is fine but it's far from the best you can get.

I'll also use GoToMeeting on occasion if there's a reason to use it. Not a huge fan of that program but I have nothing else and we pay for it.