Zone Of The Enders! anyone?


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Are there any fans of this great series of mech games here? I admit the first one wasn't amazing but I really enjoyed the second one. The anime style and frantic battles were really fun. According to some rumours a third one is going to be coming out for the PS3. I'm taking that with a pinch of salt but I really hope its true. I bet the third one would look fatastic on the PS3 and also there are rumours of a massive online multiplayer option. Admitedly its probably all a load of crap but I can dream.
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there will be one ps3 after metal gear comes they will start to make it.that is the person,said that made zone of enders


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yea, i enjoyed the first ZOTE, but the second one didn't really hook on to me...but if the third one came out, i would try it before i buy it...and buy a ps3 of course....