Sally Twit
I know!! I just messaged him and he hasn't replied.
How DARE he make a comeback without mentioning where he's been!

WTF indeed Vilko?


Epic Gamer
Ice, you fail for not using my Black Spidey sig/avi combo. :thumbdown:

viLky, w00t! Come back, my pet, come back! Fly not away!!!


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
He was on too around the time a thread was made about him in VIP. He's just keeping the mystery. :lol: Hey vilk, the newbies are not getting enough love without you adding them to your friend list. Come back!


Epic Gamer
Curse the strings of fate which circle the infitessimal ineptitute of coincedental magnimity contributing to the theory of wood>T-Major (to the power of x) which is confined to the mere existence of digitalized pixelated distance gratified with the singing of the ants and the weeping of the willow, and curse also the philosophical nature of cats in heat mewling at the sky of mute consciousness and ignorant solitude seperating viLky and the clicking of this thread...