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Zombies!! ZOMBIES!!


Registered Member
1_ares_1 said:
Ok... You know the old saying, "No Guts, No Glory"?
Well this movie was "Glorious"!!!! 4Stars!
oh cool now i really gotta go see it............

heck more gorey the better..........lol


Wanna play?
Hubby chose to go see the movie w/ a buddy of his instead of the fireworks! Hmmmm MEN! Could he wait a day for me?????? Noooo!! That's all right, it sounds like he'll have no problem going again, said it was pretty good. He said Tom Savini aka The master of splatter had a cameo....I can't wait to see it!


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John Leguizamo is in this movie....he's such a great character actor. I really loved when he played Clown in Spawn. In fact... That was one of my favorite Mothers Day gifts ever! Ty2D2 gave me the Spawn movie a few years back.

Angel did you get to see the Land of the Dead yet?
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