Zombies!! ZOMBIES!!


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"They're Coming To Get You Barbara...."

OMG!!! I'll never sleep again... but I must go!!
In case you all don't know... The master creepy man George A. Romero has done it again... Land of the Dead starts Friday and I am soooooo there!

Any more Zombie Lovers????? :eek:hno:


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Never seen Land of the Dead...............but HEY I just got my Netflix movies.......I got White Noise!!! Excited to watch it............

Jules read ur feedback
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:eek:oh: I love a good zombie flick. I'm so there.!! :D I'm going to see that one as well. Can't wait..
Hey have you ever seen Shockwaves? A an awesomely cool zombie flick :cool: .
And let's not forget Return of the living Dead 1 & 2...
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Shockwaves must be the only one that I haven't seen...I love the Night of, Dawn of, hell even Shawn of!!! Zombies scare the bageebis outta me! I know when I'm all done there that I'm gonna have to sleep with every light on in the house.... but it's worth it!
I'm sure it's no surprise, but HECK YES I DO!!! I love a good scary, flesh eating, bone crunching movie! I also thought Shawn of....was beyond funny!


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Well I'm outa here!!! Got to go see the "Star Wars" of Zombie movies!!!!
I'll give a full review when I get home.... If my brains aren't devoured by mind munching zombies on the way back!!!



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lol I have so many zombies dvd we have a scarry movie nite with the kids on saturdays at 10 , their idea. they love scarry movies as much as I do... land of the dead i hear is suppose to be pretty good I want to go see it too.. but I wait til tomorrow or durning the week when not so crowded.. shawn of the dead was funny... and white noise oh your gonna like that one.............i like it so much I got it... so enjoy your movie and do tell if is good or not to go see or wait til it comes out on dvd..... lol nani