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Zombie Titles


I'm having a hard time thinking of a title for my zombie story. I need YOUR help. Throw me your best ideas.

And yes, I know it might be easier to help if you knew what the story was about... well, it's about zombies. :lol:



I'm serious
"A Story about Zombies", by Konshentz.

Best I can do with what you've given us. Where is Tucker when you need him?


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You should make the title something where it's not obviously about zombies, but is still a pretty badass name. I have absolutely nothing though. Kinda need a little more info to be able to come up with something.


I mentioned the idea in a different thread, I think. It's basically The Sure Thing meets Dawn of the Dead - a love story that takes place during the zombie apocalypse, where the two main characters are travelling towards the same destination and decide to tag along with each other. Stuff happens, they fall in love, all that good stuff.

Rotten Fruit: A Love Story is the current title and I like it, I was just seeing what others might be able to come up with. Haha.


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Your title works. "Zombies: A Love Story" would also work, by my thinking.


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Some randomly concocted titles: (They're probably all shit)
*Dead Love
*I (almost) left my heart in San Francisco, with a shambling cannibal
*Love, Blood and Guts
*--- Perhaps the name of the place their going to. Maybe the place could randomly be synonymous with love, or be apocalyptic?
*A million corpses and a couple of idiots who fall in love, when they should be sorting out their survival. (Long title).

Perhaps one of those, but I doubt it. Ha.

I have a zombie story too, although I think it would be better as a film script due to the twist at the end, it would look better visually than it would sound on the page.
I don't think I have the know-how or resources to pull it off. The title gives the game away, yet everyone likes zombies. If it has zombies in it, someone will generally have a look. I called it:

-- Anyway, don't know if that will help you. Probably won't, but it's something isn't it? :)


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You could make the title to do with one of the less obvious symptoms of being a zombie, i.e. 'Bloat', 'Cold Heart', 'Flies on the Brain'. People rarely think of how horrible a walking, rotting corpse would be...