Zombie Apocalypse

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  1. Twitch

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    The zombies are coming. What are you going to do/use?

    Primary Weapon:
    Secondary Weapon:
    (Ammo is obvious if you have a gun)
    Melee Weapon:
    10 Must Have Items: (Ex. Water, food, etc)
    Vehicle (if you want one):

    Primary Weapon: Semi-Automatic Rifle
    Secondary Weapon: Pistol
    Melee Weapon: Crowbar
    Group: 3 or 4 of my friends who are also obsessed with zombies.
    Clothing: Tight, but comfy T-shirt. carhartt pants. Worn in hiking shoes.
    10 Items: Water, canned food, Silencer for pistol, silencer for rifle, laser sight scope for rifle, first aid kit, my iPod, lighter, cigarettes, and Zombie Survival Guide.
    Stronghold: Military base or an off-shore oil rig, if I can get to one. If I can't, stay in my/a friend's home.
    Vehicle: Bicycle, if it had to have a motor, I'd say a dirt bike/ATV

    Yes, I do love zombies. :lol:

  2. Nevyrmoore

    Nevyrmoore AKA Ass-Bandit


    Primary Weapon: Shotgun. It does a great deal of damage in just one pull of the trigger. Can be used to outright kill zombies, and also to slow them down by destroying the legs.
    Secondary Weapon: I'd say some sort of compact SMG. Like an Uzi, M10, or something similar. Something I can use to fire single shots, but with a high ROF should it be needed.
    Melee Weapon: Crowbar. It can also be used as a tool for prying open things. And in any case, chances are that, unless there's only a very small group of them, if they're within arm's reach, you're already dead.
    Partner/Group: 3 or 4 people able to come up with strategies and tactics. Preferably military trained (though the chances of me getting in with a military group whilst still a civvy is very slim)
    Clothing: For lower body, combats, BDUs, doesn't matter what they're called, they have lots of pockets for holding shit. A decent set of boots are a must, comfortable and waterproof. Rest of the body doesn't matter, as long as I can still carry either webbing or a backpack.
    10 Must Have Items: 1 litre flask (filled with disinfected water), salt tablets, disinfectant tablets, canned or dried goods, 24-hour ration packs, first aid kit, portable camping cooker, lighter, the final two will probably be grabbed on the fly.
    Stronghold: Anything reasonably secure, away from cities and areas where large packs of people can be found, and easy to abandon and escape in a crisis.
    Vehicle: A large van. Bikes and such don't have the power to plow through zombies, and there is always the risk of being knocked or dragged off into a horde of the blighters. A car is the second best choice, but the van wins simply because you can set up a temporary safehouse inside it.
  3. Twitch

    Twitch Registered Member

    I see flaws. :>

    To kill a zombie, you must remove the head. How can you do this with an automatic gun, like the Uzi? Shotguns are good for removing body parts or blowing them back, as you said.

    Bikes are the best form of transportation in a zombie attack. I won't be going through hordes of them, so that won't be a problem. It keeps me healthy. It uses manpower; no need for gasoline. I can carry it if need be. And getting in an accident is that bad. You might be scraped up, but chances are you will be able to keep moving. With a car, you are going to be badly hurt, or even worse, stuck in the smoking car.
  4. Soul

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    Primary Weapon: UZ1
    Secondary Weapon: revolver
    Melee Weapon: an axe
    Partner/Group: 3 or 4 people who like killing zombies or have military experience
    Clothing: camouflage shirt camouflage pants and army boots
    10 Must Have Items: bottles of water, a lighter, 24 hour rations, first aid kit, a portable cooker, ipod(I need my music) and binoculars.
    Stronghold: somewhere isolated from big cities. strong doors and thick walls.
    Vehicle: An armored truck.
  5. Nevyrmoore

    Nevyrmoore AKA Ass-Bandit

    Your secondary weapon is a pistol. Unless you plan to use a Desert Eagle, how can you destroy a head with a pistol?

    So, the the SMG argument:
    1) It's the brain that needs destroying. Pepper it with enough rounds, job done.

    2) I highly doubt that zombies will be the only opposition in this situation. Some humans will probably be looking out for #1, and so to that end, they will likely be willing to kill for whatever little goods I have. An SMG may not do well against a zombie torso. Against a human torso, it'll do plenty, and it can be used at range.

    3) It's a secondary or BACKUP weapon. It's what I'm going to use when I run out of shells. A pistol is just as good as an SMG when your primary means of blowing up heads has either (a) been destroyed, or (b) ran out of ammo.

    You can circumvent hordes in cars and vans as well. However, should I need to make my way through the hordes, I'd much rather see if I can take a direct route through them in a van rather than leg it through and over buildings.

    I can also keep myself healthy by doing PT. You don't need a bike to do push ups, sit ups, step ups, dorsal raises and tricep dips.

    Unlike a bike, a van can be used to carry supplies you've salvaged. Sure, you want to horde as much supplies as you can initially, but eventually, those supplies are going to run out, and you're going to need to find some more. It's much more efficient to carry as much as you can in one trip than it is to carry a the same amount bit by bit over several trips.

    And as for the crash issue? You take your chances. The upsides make up for the downsides.
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  6. potterychic

    potterychic Registered Member

    Primary Weapon: hand gun
    Secondary Weapon: knife
    (Ammo is obvious if you have a gun)
    Melee Weapon: axe
    Partner/Group: richard mark and lisa
    Clothing: tight pants with lots of pockets,tight jacket with pockets
    10 Must Have Items: (Ex. Water, food, etc) lighter, firts aid, binoculars, survival guide, dry goods, bombs, flask, caffenine pills, sleeping pills, watch with alarm.
    Stronghold:strong brick building with steel doors.
    Vehicle (if you want one): k car
  7. viLky

    viLky ykLiv

    At least it's not an invasion of spiders.

    Primary Weapon:
    Sniper rifle (I plan on hiding somewhere high and taking out the zombies that approach)
    Secondary Weapon: Magnum (if they do approach. ^_^)
    (Ammo is obvious if you have a gun)
    Melee Weapon:
    I'm gonna say some cool fantasy-looking sword. Hey, you outta look stylish while hacking zombies apart.
    Partner/Group: Solo.I always worry about others, and that could be my downfall. A solo experience for little ol' me.
    Nud... err... white wife beater, sky blue t-shirt, black jacket, black jeans, Doc Marten shoes, white socks and possibly a hat.
    10 Must Have Items: (Ex. Water, food, etc) Lighter, first-aid kid, can foods, bottles of water, binoculars, flask, gasoline, communication radio, sleeping bag and vitamins.
    I'm gonna say a nice little camp up on a mountain that is only attainable by helicopter. Hopefully, the zombies can't get me there.
    Vehicle (if you want one): Dune buggy with machine gun build on top to take out any zombies that approach. Oh wait, then I can't get to my unattainable mountain. Eh, I'll stick with the dune buggy and see where it takes me. =P
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  8. Chaos

    Chaos Epic Gamer V.I.P. Lifetime

    Not true. It's not removing the head at all. Sure, that'll kill 'em, but it's not necessary.

    Ways to kill a zombie:
    • Damage/destroy the brain
    • Severing the spinal cord
    • Decapitation
    • Fire (destroys the body and nervous system)
    • Damaging the body enough to destroy the nervous system (hitting them with a car, shooting them, blowing them up - all will do the trick)
    There are others, but as you can see it's basically about destroying the nervous system. The quickest way to that is to destroy the brain or the spinal cord. One of the easiest places to do that is the base of neck where it meets the head - hence why decapitation is considered the best method.

    Yep, I'm'a zombie freak too. ^^

    As for my dream inventory in a zombie apocolypse:

    Primary Weapon: Glock 17 9mm handgun.


    My weapon of choice. It's light (at 21oz/595g), durable, and compact, and is compatible with both standard and high-capacity rounds and magazines. It can take magazines with capacities of 15 as standard, or optionally 10, 17, 19, or 33.

    Secondary Weapon: L115A3 Long Range rifle.


    At first I was thinking something along the lines of a shotgun, or assault rifle - but then I realized, why take on an enemy up close if you can take them out from afar? After all, if I can't deal with anything that's getting close to me with my pistol or melee weapon, an assault rifle isn't going to do me much good, and neither is a shotgun against larger numbers of foes, and where there's one zombie, chances are there'll be a lot more close by. Another reason to have this is because if I'm with a well armed group, what's another close range weapon?

    This weapon is the latest sniper to be used by the British Army. It fires a 8.59mm round in a 5 round cartridge, and has been described as a "one shot, one kill" weapon. Slow moving zombies wouldn't stand a chance. It's incredibly accurate up to 600 metres, though it's 'effective range' is 1100 metres plus. It can be fitted with a supressor to reduce flash and noise, and it has a scope for up to 25x magnification. Plus, it's relatively light for this kind of weapon, at under 7kg, and the stock can folded in to allow it to be carried in a backpack.

    Melee Weapon: a brush hook.


    Available from most tool shops (hell, I just saw one the other day). A bit of a sharpening and it's 'bye bye zombie heads', perfect for cutting through the neck and severing the spine at the very least.

    Partner/Group: preferably a group of well-armed, hardened people who won't hesitate to fuck over a zombie without thinking about the moral implications of killing. The best team I could get would be military (or, ex-military, lol), though I'd settle for almost anyone with a gun. I'd keep my family and friends with me as well, if possible.

    If that kind of well-armed, well trained, and 'ready to do what's necessary' group wasn't available, I'd settle for just one - someone who can keep quiet when necessary, keeping close combat weaponry (shotgun, assault rifle, etc). Preferably female (because in the event of an apocolypse, you know how these things go. :dunno:). Someone who knows how to survive, and has the instinct and drive to do so. Also someone I can get along with and enjoy their company, have a laugh with when possible.

    Hell, if I could find someone like that I'd actually prefer them to a group of bumbling civilians. :hah:

    Clothing: dark, warm clothing, preferably black or dark grey/brown. Thermal leggings and top (I have them for sports) at skin level, maybe some soft track pants (for warmth and silence) - jeans are a no-no. A t-shirt, a thin jumper, and a fleece jacket and a rain-proof jacket, kept in my backpack for when it's cold or wet. Clothes would vary depending on the situation and weather (hot, cold, raining, etc). Ankle supporting boots, for hiking and walking.

    10 Must Have Items:
    1. Ammo for my weapons
    2. Food
    3. Spare clothing
    4. Torch/flashlight (preferably a maglite) and lots of spare batteries
    5. iPod or MP3 player with headphones and lots of spare batteries
    6. Knife or dagger (my Swiss army knife would do)
    7. Tent - including sleeping bag, compass and map
    8. First aid kit (bandages, pain killers, etc)
    9. Portable gas cooker/burner
    10. A radio
    I'd also pick up anything I needed from shops and stores, chemists, etc, via scavenging or looting.

    Stronghold: none - see my plan of action at the end of the post.

    Vehicle: just any car I could take. I wouldn't be planning on staying anywhere for too long so any transport would be acceptable.

    Plan of action: the only problem with this plan of action would be to get the guns. If I could get them, the rest would be a piece of cake. After securing the guns I'd move to the Territorial Army base-type thing which is just down the road from my house. It's used as a cadet base mostly, so there wouldn't be much in the way of guns and ammo, but it has big gates with barbed wire at the top and an electric lock type thing. So, pretty difficult for zombies to get in, I'd imagine. Plus the building is way up from the gate, so I'm not sure if it would attract any zombies.

    I'd spend the first few days there, waiting it out to see what happens. At this point, I've got the guns and I'd have taken as much food as I could carry, certainly enough to last me a few days. I have some camping equipment I could use - gas burner, torch, Swiss army knife, and there'd be a map and compass in there. There'd also probably be a radio of some sort so I could try and work that.

    After a few days, I'd maybe have realized that it isn't getting any better. I'd prepare to go out. Hopefully by this point I've found some companions, or even just one. I'd move out, break into the first house I come to and find the car keys. Take any food or supplies I need and use the car to get to the supermarket. Smash right into there and take anything that hasn't already been looted and stolen, literally fill the car up and move on. Any survivors, I'd take them with me. Then go to the next town over, go to the camping shop, grab tents, spare gas, anything I might possibly need. Then go to any shop I might need something from - chemists, food shops, etc. All this would have to be done quick, because I'd almost certainly encounter zombies by now. From there drive up to the mountains somewhere and spend the night in the car, away from the towns.

    After sleeping in the mountains, pick somewhere to go and roll out of there. I'd keep moving, try find somewhere safe and away from the towns and cities. If I could find a boat I'd maybe use that, 'cos I live on the coast, and there are no zombies in the water. If not, stay in the mountains and hills and move that way. I can hike and move through that kind of terrain pretty well. I'm not really sure where I'd want to go, but it'd have to be somewhere I considered safe.

    Hopefully the army/government would be organizing some kind of rescue or safe zone by this point - if, that is, they're still alive. I'd imagine the Army would be more likely to still be around this than the government but who knows. This is why I'd need a radio, to listen out for that crap.
  9. WesJones87

    WesJones87 RayzorBlade87

    Primary Weapon:

    Assault Rifle with Grenade Launcher

    Secondary Weapon:

    Sawn-Off Shotgun

    (Ammo is obvious if you have a gun)

    Melee Weapon:

    One huge double-headed battleaxe


    4-6 of my close friends who also have similar weapons to me.


    Black or Dark Green Combat pants, Black boots, black beanie/wooly hat, dark green or black t-shirt, similar colour puffy jacket.

    10 Must Have Items: (Ex. Water, food, etc)

    1. Extra Ammo
    2. Sharpening Stone
    3. First Aid kit
    4. Jerry can of petrol
    5. Map
    6. Compass
    7. Matches
    8. Walkie talkies
    9. Plan
    10. Spare clothes (the same as above)


    Disused/abandoned Hospital.

    Vehicle (if you want one):

  10. Konshentz

    Konshentz Konshentz

    Now this is my kind of thread. I'll need a moment to think, I pee'd a little. I'll be back later to post up my stuff. Ha.

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