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Discuss Zero Tolerance Policies


Certified Shitlord
Flat out idiotic.

What do you think?

These goofy policies do nothing but teach kids that they are going to get in deep shit for the slightest bit of anything they do wrong. Rather than allowing them to learn from mistakes, we are simply swiftly and brutally punishing them for mistakes that everyone tends to make as kids.



Creeping On You
I've always hated them too. I prefer the one where they don't punish the person defending themselves. Zero tolerance often times lets the aggressor off scot free and the victim ends up getting the short end of the stick.


I'm serious
Zero tolerance is moronic and sends the wrong message. There should always be room for exceptions. And if you are really going to enforce such a strict zero tolerance policy, you are going to be creating a monster of a culture that will be hard and heartless.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I'm all for zero tolerance when it comes to things like bringing a gun to school but just because someone draws a picture of a gun doesn't mean a thing and they didn't bring one to school. If they draw a picture of a gun then say I'm going to shoot someone with this gun then you might have a problem but a picture in itself means nothing but the kid likes to draw.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Every offense is not the same. Expulsion for having a "finger gun"? Stupid. I hate no tolerance rules because they clearly are not effective. To me they are a way of ruling through fear and that type of punishment based system never works on children.


I'm serious
I'm all for zero tolerance when it comes to things like bringing a gun to school but just because someone draws a picture of a gun doesn't mean a thing and they didn't bring one to school.
But I think that's what zero tolerance is promoting though. Not only can you not bring a gun to school, but if you even dare bring up the topic of a gun, say in a drawing, you are out as well. It's just illogical to me and doesn't breed a healthy way of life, especially in trying to educate kids in something that should not resemble dictatorship.


Registered Member
Ridiculous! I was thinking about that thread that reported that a kid was sent home for bringing a cartoon picture of a bomb to school last night and got to wondering where it might someday end.

I mean - a drawing of a hammer - how many people have been murdered with hammers. a screwdriver - same answer.

Then, how about a nice drawing of a tree? Sounds innocent enough, eh, until some teacher somewhere remembers that people have been hanged from trees!

Well, can I draw a picture of my cute little house? But, people are murdered in homes all of the time!

So, I guess my thoughts on this matter are that it should stop at "no guns at school" - PERIOD!! When I was a kid we brought pocket knives to school - it was expected so that we could have them for the after school scout meetings. And, sometimes we'd play Mumblety-peg during lunch in the playground - the variation known as stretch - in the variant known as "Stretch", the object of the game is to make the other player fall over from having to spread his legs too far apart. The players begin facing each other some distance apart with their own heels and toes touching, and take turns attempting to stick their knives in the ground outboard of the other player's feet. If the knife sticks, the other player must move his foot out to where the knife stuck while keeping the other foot in place, provided the distance between foot and knife is about twelve inches or less. Play continues until one player falls or is unable to make the required stretch.

Anyway, times have changed, I suppose nowadays I'd want to prohibit pocket knives at school too! So, where is it going to end?