Zero Gravity Micro


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all.

I saw this on TV and I want one.

The ultimate in indoor RC racing! Zero Gravity Micro is a full function RC the can drive on the floors, walls and ceiling. It can even go upside down.

This has to be the coolest new RC on the market. You can check out more on the ZGM's and other Air Hog products here. Air Hogs!

Air hogs makes some of the coolest RC's out on the market as well as their air powered plains and dragster. I have several of their products and they are sturdy and worth the money you pay for them and the company has excellent costumer service. I highly recommend them and their products.

My oldest can't wait to get his ZGM and neither can I.
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Now that is pretty cool. Think these will be pretty popular this Christmas? Seems like the kind of thing a lot of kids would want.

Of course parents would probably be worried about their walls and ceilings getting scratched up..


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I can't wait for ours to get here. I ordered 2 of them. One red and one black.
The only drawback is the cost $40.00, these have the capabilities to be the new Hot Item and as you said a must have for the holiday season.

According to my inside information these ZGM's are selling like hotcakes.

I'll post a full write up when ours get here and we get a chance to play with them.