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Anyone else been paying attention to the new MtG set?

I'm almost completely underwhelmed - but I've been completely wrong when evaluating new cards, just like everyone else.

What are your thoughts?


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Hello, Wade.

I've sifted through Zendikar awhile, for it's commons. I play Pauper, which is a Common only format. And from what i've seen, i'm quite impressed.

We have:
- Ability lands
- Goblin Bushwhacker
- Guul draz Vampire
- Vampire Lacerator
- Into the Roil

That's just a bit of the quite good commons. There are also things like Harrow, etc.

Anyway, there are enough cards which make Zendikar a worthy expansion, for example the Fetch lands. Even though, i'm not a fan of those. And many more, interesting cards.

All in all, I guess it depends on your taste. It's not a bad set, and not necassarily underwhelming. But as with every expansion, you have people who like it, and see it;s power level, some who don't, and some who don't pick a side.

I could review the usefulness of the cards but it would take so long. D:




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Welcome to GF!

I mostly play Constructed, so that would change the card analysis a bit. The common ability lands are pretty useful, and you play them, but they're pretty minor effects.


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Vampires definitely got stronger. I playtested a new vamp deck of my own and it crushed the competition. I'm hoping to test it out this Friday.