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  1. OK. I'm gonna be honest with you guys. Unfortunately, I've never been able to get into the Zelda series at all. I just know of it and I've always good things. Everytime Zelda was brought up people have always said that the best one was Link to the Past. It makes me regret that I've missed out on Zelda this long.

  2. Link to the Past was good, but my favorite was easily Ocarania of Time, for the 64. It was an awesome game, and it got you REALLY addicted, plus the puzzles were not insanely complicated either, but still took some time to do.
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    I loved Orcarina of ime, but I have to admit, I liked Majora's mask even more. Euther way, the N64 Zeldas are the best in my opinion.
  4. I was never found of Majora's mask, it was not near as exciting as OoT.
  5. Malificus

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    Most people I talk to think Ocarina of Time was better. But it's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.
  6. Majora's Mask was dull, and the whole time limit thing was annoying as well, the Zelda for the GC was also horrible, way to cartoonish.
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    I found the focus on time to be nice twist on the Game, and I never got bored by the gameplay. The whole taking place after Ocarina of Time was cool too. I always liked that, becauyse it made it feel like another book in a series, as opposed to a whole new story.
  8. That would be the only plus of it in my opinion, is it being after Ocarina of Time.
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    I like most of the Zelda games and they were all good imo. I can't wait till Twilight Princess come out. :eek:
  10. Yeah I know, Twilight Princess looks like it will be excellent.

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