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Wii Zelda:Twlight Princess


Registered Member
i changed my mind and decided to get an Wii since it wayyyy more cheaper and have wayyyy better launch titles...

anybody got any reviews on Zelda:Twlight Princess, because this is the first game imma get for my Wii.


Registered Member
check out IGN or GONINTENDO, go nintendo is just a site that posts interesting news from other sites, IGN will have vids (many amazing)

Or check out the Wii.com new videos of Zelda:TP in action, 4 new vids just posted yesterday.

I dont personally have a review because I havent had a hands on yet. but so far most if not all say Z:TP is the Mario 64 of the Wii!


Registered Member
after about 25 hours into TP... I have to say that so far its the best of Zelda games since Lttp.. (OoT is right below LttP in my rankings)


New Member
i dont personally have a wii myself but i have played on my friend's one, and on zelda

i really recomend you getting it because it has amazing game play, just from the way you move the character and use all the items and special techniques

seriously, it made me want a wii even more than i did before!


New Member
I played through TP and I think it's great. My one complaint is that, even with the new Wii controls, it does not innovate the older games much. That being said, I loved the game. Worth it.

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It is an awesome game I had just finished working on the game. You know getting all the heart pieces and beating ganon. It turns out that ganon in all three forms is a piece of cake even though I had the magic armor. Okay well over all I got everything so I give the game a 4.5 out of 5.


Registered Member
Zelda Twlight Princess ia an awesome game as I played it and beat it. It's definitely worth buying.


Registered Member
haha i love this game! i don't have a wii myself but i've also played my friends. it's a lot of fun to play and i'd probably get it if i were you