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Wii Zelda TP spoiler alert


New Member
Nintendo's development team confirmed Ganon is returning in full force in Twilight Princess. Nintendo Power Volume 201's interview with Yoshiyuki Oyama reveals that Ganondorf is back in Twilight Princess, and he is indeed Link's nemesis for the game. And he says we're going to get more of Ganon than we could ever hope for...

"Finally, no discussion of TP's enemies can end without mentioning Ganon. I know that everyone's wondering what's going on with Link's old nemesis. All I can say now is, we're preparing more than you could possibly ever, ever, ever expect..." That's the quote by Yoshiyuki Oyama that is going to get people all hyped up again. After months of pretty much nothing sense the remarks about a possible "unhappy" ending in Twilight Princess, Nintendo Power's interview finally discloses something new.

"And how will my monsters ensure that Twilight Princess is the greatest Zelda game ever? Wait and see. You won't be disappointed." Oyama sure is boasting, but with how much time he has had with this game, I wouldn't be surprised if he makes good on this claim. Additionally, Oyama states he feels enemies have been too easy in the past, and that they will be more challenging in Twilight Princess. He also assures us the bosses will be far more challenging than what we've seen before in Zelda games.

Oyama also mentions his thoughts on the Zelda series in comparison to other adventure RPGs as well as his input about the items used in Twilight Princess and what roles they will play.



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If this game lives up to the hype, and I hope to God it will, then it'll be better than Ocarina of Time.