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Zatch Bell??


Registered Member
What do all you guys and gals think of Zatch Bell?? I kind of like show the especially the mamodo battles not to mention there are some really cool mamodo's. But there is always a downside it's way to long talking about almost 200 episodes if not more.


Zach Bell is ok. It's not one of my favorites but I still tend to watch it just to keep up on the episodes and stuff. I like the humor in it.

~NinjaSniper 8)


I actually got a dvd of this series for Christmas. I haven't watched it yet but maybe I should give it a chance. Will see.


yea i agree the humor is great but the anime it self wasent that great however they took big anime eyes to a new level lol


The Super Pimp of GF
I personally like zatch bell and I have been keeping up with the english version but it's slow pace got me bored so I started watching Japanese episodes and woah!


Ok the final battle of the series (that we get to actually see) is between Zeno and Zatch. If anyone doesnt know Zeno is the white haired kid who looks like Zatch and thats because he is Zatch's twin brother. He is angry at him because Zatch can use Bao Zakerga. THe ending got me a little confused because the end of the anime series really isnt the end because a lot of mammodo are still left for example the epilogue shows the start of a fight between Sherry and Brago and Zatch an Kiyo. So I am a little disappointed that we dont get to see Zatch become king....


A Darker Knight
I liked it at first, but then it got be be 25 minutes of..

"We'll do this TOGETHER!!!!!"
"It's all about teamwork"
"I'm gonna be a benevolent king!"
"I can't do it alone. That's why I have you"
"Friendship triumphs over all"

etc. etc.

The fights are cool but it's always dragged out by the 5 minute stretches of similar quotes listed above.