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Zaraki Kenpachi



Is it just me or is this guy just completely crazy? He's the only one that doesn't have a Bankai, but he possesses all this power. This is defintiely a dangerous guy, yet he's somewhat likeable regardless of his insane tendancies. I think may have to do with his funny moments with his lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi.. Every moment withthem together is just hilarious.


lol i love it when hes with Yachiru. she seems to actually make Kenpachi seem human. he seems insanely crazy without Yachiru by his side.


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Kenpachi is by far my favorite captain although i like the kid too.

He carries his own philosophy while fighting. He fights to enjoy fighting and nothing else. Hes a simple man but he doesn't flinch or show weakness to the enemy.


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The thing about Kenpachi is he is largely missunderstood. People think of him as nothing more than violent and insane. As he displayed in his battle against Tousen there is a much deeper character. He is not as simple and stupid as he appears. Also he is not as heartless as he seems when fighting. He only fights worthy opponent's and will not pick on some one weaker than himself. He has a moral fiber that most people don't understand because he tends to look like a bully when really he isn't.

Also I agree with lilbballfrk ™ that Yachiru really brings out a more human side to his character.


This guy is indeed the most powerful person just because of his raw power.
Imagine if he attained bankai =O That'd be too much.The shikhai itself would be enough take down ichigo's bankai :p