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Zap! Struck by lightening.


Creeping On You
So I was standing in my bathroom doing a bathroom thing and looking out the window. All of a sudden a bolt of lightening stretched up to the sky. It looked awesome, but my idea to go out for a bike ride was erased from my mind.

Lightening has always made me nervous. I love thunder, but the lightening always gets my pace quicker as I head inside. The idea of getting hit by so many volts of electricity is the major persuader. Also, where I live, I'm taller than most things in the yard, so I'm a prime target.

How about yourselves? Do you like to watch lightening? Does it make you nervous to be outside?

What about other weather phenomena? I know tornadoes both fascinate and scare the heck out of me. I'd love to see one in real life, but at the same time I'd be pretty freaked out. I've seen the movie Twister, and I saw what those things can do.

Lets hear your thoughts.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I personally like watching lightening, but I won't look out a window to see when a bolt is going to come out of the sky. I'm also paranoid that I won't go out walking if there's a lot of it outside, bike ride is out of the question as well. I don't mind thunder, I love hearing it, especially when it's really loud.

I do fear tornadoes, but I don't really have to worry about them, because they barely happen in my neck of the woods.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Actually I've had lightning strike pretty close before as well. Like within 50 feet. It's scary stuff. I live in a major lightning and storm area, especially this time of year. I was out biking the other day and actually got caught in the middle of a lightning storm. It was bad enough that I actually got off my bike and took shelter for a while before deciding to go the other direction on the trail and get out of the storm. You hear about people getting killed by lightning out here all the time so it's something to be taken very seriously, especially if you are in an open area where you are one of the tallest things around.

I don't mind lightning if I'm inside. I love thunderstorms just as long as I'm not in them, and especially if I'm not in them with no car between me and the lightning. If you get struck by lightning on a bike, for example, you'll likely be killed instantly.


yellow 4!
I looove extreme weather. I'm in the worst place for it though right :lol: Thunder/lightening storms are my favourite I guess. They don't scare me at all but probably because I only see them around a couple times a year and it's never been really close. All other types are fascinating aswell, but I'd be afraid to get too near. The weather channel has to be my favourite thing to watch on TV when I'm in the states.


Registered Member
I love watching a good lightning storm, I find them very soothing actualy.

The only time I get a little worried is when fishing as most rods have a warning on them stating they are 12 foot long lightning conductors.

I have been pretty close to a strike before, around 70 feet, a bolt came down and hit a tree, it made one hell of a noise and split the trunk of the tree, frightened the life out of me.


so I'm a prime target.
You're also a man, Smelnick. Didn't the Mountian Dew commercial say that men are 3x more likely to get struck by lightling? 'Cuz, that's where I get me facts from. ^.^

Do you like to watch lightening? Does it make you nervous to be outside?
Yes and yes. On TV it looks like nothing. And by that I mean it doesn't look scary or threatening. In real life it's so powerful and spooky! It looks like God is lighting up the skies and almost seems as if it's the beginning of the end. I say that because it's almost always sunny here and getting thunder and lightling is a rare event. Looks magical in a way.
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Well-Known Member
Well I've had bad luck watching lightning (a tree in my yard got struck about 30 feet away it really hurt my eyes and I could hardly hear for like an hour.

I'm yet to have bad luck with lightning while being in a storm though, I am still afraid of it though lightning does strike things a lot more powerfully when you're in higher altitudes not to mention the fact that it's closer.

I pretty much don't take chances unless I have to with lightning.


New Member
I don't really get scared of weather, but I like watching it at times. Like when there is a massive hail storm, heavy rain or heaps of lightning, fun to watch :)


Thunder storms are common durning the summer here. They don't bother me but I won't venture out to watch tho. Once I was in the shower as there was a storm (I know not smart) and the strike short circuited the power. I had to finish the shower in darkness that night. ^^
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Sally Twit
I have an irrational fear of thunder and lightning. I think it is something I have always feared since being a child. I have seek fork lightning before and that made me scared because it could have hit someone. I am just glad nobody was outside at the time as it hit the ground and there were these sparks. It was horrible.