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Movies Zack Snyder Directing Superman Reboot


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
It has already been known that Chris Nolan would be playing a part in the development of this but Snyder has landed the job of directing. Snyder has dabbled in comic adaptations a few times, for example 300 (meh) and Watchmen (better). He actually turned the gig down a couple of years ago because he was unsure how Supes could be made relevant today. The link has more info.

Zack Snyder Confirmed for Superman | Superhero Hype

So what do you think? Is snyder right for the job?


Ms. Malone
300 is awesome, you suck Alt! :lol:

I think he'll be great, especially if he knows his stuff. Superman Returns was kind of a flop, so i'm hoping for something better since it has Zod in it!
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