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Can there be a rematch coming soon. I hope so. For more details you can look here Pojo.com Forums and hopefully post here. I would love to see what people here on fusion think. I know what I think but I want some info from you guys first.

Edit: Straing From Jae Kim him self

JAELOVE's Smooth Journey
Matches 1, 2, and 3 of the
Battle for North America, Round 2

Starting things off for Team America is Paul Levitin. Lazaro Bellido from Team Canada stared him down from the other side. Unfortunately, their match went underway without my supervision. Because nobody took notes or recorded the entire event, the coverage is not present for their match. However, observers remarked that Paul was playing a heavily teched out Apprentice Magician engine that also used Robbin Goblin to provide steady pressure. Lazaro fell under the weight of multiple Graceful Charitys and Confiscations, he remarked, and thus a rather flaccid Match 1 was determined.

Paul Levitin defeats Lazaro Bellido.

Match 2 also went underway without my supervision. Matt Peddle faced Paul Levitin and defeated him 2-0. I'm sure he can recount the details of the match, but I arrived and took a seat midway through the second game between Conspire and Robert Morgan. I'll begin from there, arming you with the knowledge that Peddle cruised to victory in the first game.

Matt Peddle defeats Paul Levitin.

Match 3: Matt Peddle Versus Rob Morgan, Peddle up a game 1-0. We join the action a few turns in.

Morgan Turn One: With a spent Old Vindictive Magician, Treeborn Frog, and face-down monster on his side versus a single spell/trap set on Peddle's board, things looked good. Morgan plays Graceful Charity, discarding Morphing Jar and Spirit Reaper. With five cards in hand and many floaters versus Peddle's five total resources (four in hand, one set s/t), Morphing Jar is definitely not necessary. Morgan attempts to summon Tsukuyomi to turn the OVM down, and is crushed by Torrential Tribute. Conspire has 7150 life points to Morgan's 7000 points. I deduce that the filthy OVM got in a hit somewhere along the line.

Peddle Turn Two: Instead of committing to the field, Peddle sets a new spell/trap and passes.

M3: Morgan returns the Frog, summons Breaker which hits Enemy Controller. He passes.

P4: With many unplayable cards in hand, Peddle sets yet another spell or trap and passes. He officially concedes the +1 to Breaker.

M5: Breaker gets in for 1600. Morgan then sets a s/t. 5550-7000, Morgan leading.

P6: Peddle has the opening to summon his own Breaker. He takes a pause to decide whether to break the s/t or attack first. With no field and much to lose, he decides to break the s/t (which is Deck Devastation Virus) and then cancel Breakers.

M7: Morgan summons Spirit Reaper on the clear field and declares an attack. Peddle does not activate his Book of Moon face-down, and discards Mirror Force from hand. 5250-7000

P8: Peddle Brain Controls the Reaper. He then sets a monster. 4450-7000.

T9: Morgan tributes his Frog for Zaborg, pulling the +1 on the face-down Spirit Reaper. He then attacks for 2400, and Peddle is in trouble. 2050-7000.

T10: Peddle sets a monster and passes. He clearly has an unworkable hand and is plaing quite passive.

T11: Morgan summons Giant Orc, plays Crossout, and attacks for game.

Robert Morgan takes game two. After a heart-warming handshake, Peddle opens the pivotal game three. This is the first full game I've been witness to, so expect top notch analysis from this point on.

Peddle Turn One: Peddle has a hand of monsters with Mirror Force and Heavy Storm. He sets a Tomato and keeps the Force with Mobius, Spirit Reaper, and Cyber Dragon in hand.

M2: Morgan plays Confiscation. He discards Spirit Reaper. He next plays Graceful Charity, discarding Treeborn Frog and Mystical Space Typhoon. We're beginning to enter either lucksack or cheating territory. Calm Peddle observes the scene as Morgan sets one of each. Magician of Faith is possible, as are other flip effect monsters. 8000 7000, Peddle.

P3: Peddle plays Heavy Storm with Mobius in hand. Morgan chains DDV to his face-down Giant Orc, a huge play that also reeks of fishy stacking. Peddle loses his fresh Tsukomi draw and a Tomato from hand. Morgan had incorrectly played Confiscation the turn before with Frog in hand alread, discarding Reaper. Since he ended up DDVing next turn, the Confiscation was wasted. Does this matter with such a godly hand? Probably not. Anyways, Peddle has officially lost the duel

M4: Morgan sets a monster and passes.

T5: Peddle tops Crossout, removing Morgan's Magician of Faith. We have now seen Confiscation, Magician of Faith, DDV+ its tribute, Graceful Charity, and Treeborn Frog. He passes.

T6: Morgan now plays Sangan. We've seen all of the best cards in his deck. Sangan pokes for 1000, then Morgan sets a s/t and passes. 7000 7000.

T7: Peddle draws Twin Headed Behemoth, which is sent to the graveyard.

T8: Sangan attacks for another 1000. 6000 7000

T9: Peddle accidentally flashes his drawn Enemy Controller, then passes.

T10: Morgan sets a monster and attacks for another 1000. 5000 7000

T11: Peddle summons Cyber Dragon. He then tribute summons for Mobius, hitting a Torrential Tribute. Mobius attacks the face-down OVM. Peddle passes with two cards in hand.

T12: Morgan summons Apprentice Magician in an attempt to keep up a steady stream of damage. Peddle realizes this, so it and Sangan attack into Mirror Force. Sangan grabs Magical Merchant.

T13: Peddle draws Sakuretsu Armor. He summons Sorcerer, removing Frog, then sets Sakuretsu Armor.

T14: Not surprisingly, Morgan has the Snatch Steal. Sorc attacks for 2300, then Morgan sets a monster and passes. 2700 7000.

T15: Peddle gains 1000, then sets a s/t and passes. He'll refuse to Saku his own Sorcerer until it kills him. 3700 7000

T16: Sorcerer attacks, and Morgan passes. Knowing the predicament that Peddle is in, unable to destroy his own Sorcerer, Morgan is content to simply push through steady damage. 1400 7000

T17: Peddle draws Brain Control with Snatch Steal in hand. He gains 1000, then Snatches Morgan's Chaos Sorcerer. With three s/ts down, this counts as an overextension but Peddle has no choice. It attacks the face-down Merchant, which mills Mirror Force. The game is rapidly slipping from Conspire's grasp. 2400 7000.

T18: As expected, Morgan plays his own Chaos Sorcerer after gaining 1000 from Snatch Steal. He removes Peddle's Sorcerer, then sets two s/ts. 2400 8000.

T19: Peddle plays Brain Control to remove Morgan's Sorcerer. He then plays Confiscation, dropping himself to 600. Out of Crossout, Jar, and Orc, he decides to get rid of the Morphing Jar. 600 8000

T20: Morgan summons Giant Orc which attacks into Sakuretsu Armor.

T21. Peddle passes with one card in hand. Morgan passes as well.

T23: Peddle sets Sangan with Graceful Charity in hand.

T24: Morgan plays Crossout on Sangan and passes.

T25: Peddle draws Cyber Dragon and plays Graceful Charity. He discards Cyber and Swap, keeping Apprentice and Zaborg. He then sets Apprentice, and Morgan passes.

T27: Peddle sets a monster, Morgan plays Scapegoat at the end phase.

T28: Morgan moves a goat to attack and plays Swap. Peddle has the perfect counter play, using Enemy Controller on his face-down Frog to take the attack goat, swapping it back for the defense goat. Morgan then plays his second Crossout on Apprentice Magician.

T29: Peddle topdecks Mobius. He sacrifices Frog, targetting Morgan's two s/ts. One is Controller, chained to Mobius. The other is Force.

T30: With three cards in hand, Morgan sets a monster and moves his goat to defense position.

T31: Peddle returns Frog in attack mode. He tributes for Zaborg which kills Reaper, and hits two goats.

T32. Again, with three cards in hand, Morgan summons Asura Priest and uses Enemy Controller to switch the goat token to attack position. The 1700 damage causes game.

Robert Morgan makes numerous misplays (including missing the fact he had game on turn 30), but rides the strength of the god hand to victory!

JAELOVE's Smooth Journey
Topiyugioh.com's Match 4
Battle for North America, Round 2
August 18, 2006

Topiyugioh.com's Match 4 of the Battle for North America Round 2

Having dusted off Canadian superstar Matt Peddle, Rob Morgan was essentially playing with the house's money. Because he had recently defeated American stud Kris Perovic in the Metagame feature match and now had a win over Peddle under his belt, claims of his legitimacy could be made. Regardless, Canada's prodigy Jason Tan was set to face him in match 4. Having been a finalist in last year's Canadian nationals, Tan was no stranger to hyper-competitive play.

Tan opens game 1: Looking at a terrible hand of Creature Swap, double MoF, Sorcerer, Reaper, and Moon, Tan sets the Moon and Reaper and passes. Magician or Reaper here is a tossup, since you don't want the only Dark monster to get crossed out. If Morgan has his filthy Confiscation (which makes 3/3 duels with the card for Mr. n2thez), it won't matter.

Morgan turn two: Morgan summons Cyber Dragon, which cracks the Reaper. He then plays Confiscation, pitching the obvious Sorcerer. Next, he sets one of each. 8000 7000.

T3: Tan summons his freshly drawn Shining Angel and attacks Magician, which digs Confiscation again. Tan passes, unable to set bluffs.

T4: Morgan plays Confiscation again, discarding Creature Swap. He then plays Confiscation, discarding the Swap, and sets a monster.

T5: Tan draws Zaborg. He attacks the face-down Reaper with Angel, then sets a monster.

T6: Morgan correctly surmises that Tan is in a vulnerable situation. He tributes the Reaper for Zaborg (signaling either a Sorcerer in hand or a misplay, since Reaper is far superior to Cyber Dragon in this case). Zaborg hits Tan's Faith, Cyber Dragon hits Shining Angel which digs another Angel. Then Zaborg hits for another 1000. Tan searches another Angel. 6300 6000

T7: With Spirit Reaper on the field, Tan tributes his near worthless third Shining Angel for Zaborg. It destroys Morgan's Zaborg, and now Tan has a choice. Because Morgan had dumped the Swap the turn earlier, it may have indicated that Morgan did not have a defense to stop the Angel Swap manuever. Tan correctly moves Reaper to attack based on the signal, and gets smashed by Morgan's perfectly played Mirror Force. My heart sings a song for Morgan. Tan chains Moon to Reaper, then Smashes the Cyber Dragon. Morgan sets a monster in his next turn and passes.

T9: Tan sets his second Magician of Faith, Morgan sets a second monster, Tan passes, and Morgan sets his third monster. Something is brewing.

T13: Unfortunately, Tan has a Mystic Tomato in hand that he fingers for a bit before passing. The correct play would have been to set it, since Morgan has no backfield and can play Creature Swap at any time. A face-down Reaper and Faith are quite vulnerable.

T14: Morgan capitalizes by double flipping Apprentice Magicians and swapping one over. Tan reluctantly gives over the Faith, and the young prodigy is now in trouble. Unfortunately, Morgan makes yet another gruesome miscalculation and has only one monster to dig out for Apprentice. It's a face-down Old Vindictive Magician. Morgan then flips his third set monster, which was a Magician, and plays his third Confiscation of the duel, discarding Snatch Steal. At the end of this thrilling turn, it's Morgan's face-up Magician, face-down OVM, and face-down Magician versus Tan's face-down Reaper. 6300 5000.

T15: In this case, the correct play would be to cancel Reaper into Magian, then summon Tomato and Swap it for one of the live floaters (Mof or Ovm). Unfortunately, Tan plays his Tomato. Reaper attacks Magician, Tomato hits Old Vindictive. Morgan correctly chooses to destroy the Tomato (knowing Tan has Swap) and passes.

T16: Morgan then flips Magician for Swap. He swaps over the Magician for Reaper, cancels Magicians, and passes.

T17: Tan topdecks Charity. After drawing three cards, he holds Breaker, D.D Warrior Lady, Crossout, and Cyber Dragon. With no cards in hand, it's not entirely necessary for him to use Dwiddle on Reaper. Nevertheless, he pitches Breaker, Crossout, then summons Cyber and DDWL for a filthy push. Reaper squeals like a schoolgirl. 6300 1700.

T18: Morgan summons Sorcerer, removing the Cyber Dragon. He then summons Asura Priest and attacks for 1700. Instead of being a greedy lad, he should be extending the field.

T19: Tan passes, hoping to topdeck for game.

T20: At this point, Morgan has Asura Priest, Morphing Jar, Decree, and Crossout in hand versus Tan's one card in hand and one set spell or trap. However, because he has no defenses, any top-decked monster will likely mean game. I'm talking three Shining Angels, Treeborn Frog, two Mystic Tomatos, Apprentice Magician, Old Vindictive Magician, etc. Tan has been forced into a position where he must go for game with his face-down Swap. Unfortunately, Morgan makes the key error of summoning Asura Priest and pushing for non-lethal damage at the expense of his field. 600 1700

T21: Tan topdecks Mystic Tomato. He Swaps the Tomato over, and when Sorcerer attacks to bring out another Tomato it is game. Team USA is stunned.

Robert Morgan Begins Game Two.

Morgan Turn One: Morgan opens with the standard one of each.

Tan Turn Two: Tan, like a filthy savage, topdecks Sangan (but it's not a topdeck with five cards in hand). He then Crosses out the Apprentice and attacks for 1000. He sets a s/t and passes. 8000 7000

T3: Morgan sets a monster and passes. Provided he's good, we can assume it's either a Sangan or Treeborn Frog. Good players don't like having floaters tributed for Zaborg or Swap.

T4: Tan holds on to his Creature Swap. Sangan attacks Morgan's face-down Sangan (great play), which digs a Tomato. Tan passes.

T5: Morgan summons his Tomato for 400 damage. Tan digs Dwiddle from the deck. 7600 7000

T6: Tan attacks his Dwiddle into Tomato, removing both. He then passes. 7600 6900


T7: Again signalling a wanton disregard for field presence (or maybe lacking monsters), Morgan summons Asura Priest and hits for 1700. Tan shrugs. 5900 6900

T8: Tan summons Tomato and attacks for 1400. At the end phase, Morgan Spaces Tan's Decree. 5900 5500

T9: Morgan summons Asura, attacking Tomato and its fetched Reaperr for 1700. He must have a Smashing Ground, which he then plays. Morgan has six cards in hand, in a slow-paced game. 4200 5500.

T10: Holding Cyber Dragon, Tan sets Swap and prays for the Breaker. I have a feeling it will be arriving shortly.

T11: Morgan summons Breaker and attacks for 1900 on a pro-read. Then he breaks the Swap. Except he actually broke first and then attacked. 2600 5500

T12: Drawing Controller, Tan friskily summons his Cyber Dragon and cracks Breaker for 500. He sets Scapegoat. His field is very, very safe. 2600 5000

T13: Morgan plays Snatch Steal on the Cyber Dragon. He then tributes for Mobius, which elicits the chained Goat. He hits one, sets a spell/trap, and passes.

T14: Tan moves a goat to attack and Swaps. He attacks for 2400. 2600 2600

T15: Morgan sets a monster and passes.

T16: Keeping up the pressure, Tan tributes Mobius for Zaborg. It hits Faith. He then attacks for another 2400, bringing Morgan down to 200.

T17: Morgan summons Cyber Dragon, then Zaborg to destroy Zaborg. It hits a goat.

T18: Tan plays Chaos Sorcerer and Mystic Tomato for game.

This match proves the old adage that no matter how well you play, giving away a game to a top professional means you'll lose the match. Maxwell Suffridge, playing flawlessly against young Kyle Duncan last year, had complete control of the duel until his filthy misplay near the end of the deciding game. Morgan, too, had complete control of Game 1. He gift-wraps it and gives it away to Canada's Jason Tan in a thrilling 2 game set!

And a note to those who are attending Shonen Jump Hamilton. I will be there with my favorite team, the Superfriendz. Hopefully the company I work with, topiyugioh.com, will be there handling all merchandising needs. If you can visit topiyugioh.com and purchase our low-cost merchandise, I will give you a hug. We're also running tournaments weekly at our booth, where you can meet studs like Emon, Hugo Adame, Steven Adair, Jon Navarro, Miguel Flores, Sang Bui, and others!

Match 5 of the Battle for North America
August 21, 2006

Awaiting Jason Tan after his huge victory over Robert Morgan was Emon Ghaneian . A player that really needs no introduction, Emon has been an absolute sensation this Shonen Jump Championship season, winning two Shrinks and placing in the top eight of US Nationals, unquestionably the toughest tournament of the year by far (yes, this includes Worlds). Tan realized he was in for a long, protracted struggle. Play began at a brisk pace with Emon winning the roll and deciding to open.

Emon Turn One: In a conservative but methodical manner, Emon opens with a normal monster and passes. This might have indicated a sub-optimal hand, but Emon's general strategy is to conserve cards in hand while building resources. We'll see this general pattern over the course of the duel.

Tan Turn Two: Jason Tan holds both Graceful and Confiscation in hand. He slowrolls the Graceful, summons Cyber Dragon which cracks Emon's Dekoichi. When he plays Confiscation, it appears Emon has drawn Graceful Charity with Dekoichi's effect. The other cards in hand are Tsukuyomi, Sorcerer, Magician, DDWL, and Cyber Dragon. Tan's only play is to rid the Graceful. Powerful plays next turn include summoning Cyber+ Tsuku for the +1 or setting Faith and bringing out Sorcerer next turn. It's quite obvious Tan does not have the Crossout. Tan passes with no backfield, conceding the +1.

E3: Emon summons Cyber and Yomi for the +1. He hits for 1100 and passes. Tan should have had a better start with Confi+ GC, but both player's hands are great. 5900 8000.

T4: Tan plays Graceful. With such an exposed field from Emon, Tan has no choice but to mill for Spirit Reaper. He discards Sorcerer and Tsukuyomi, then removes Cyber and Sorcerer for a Sorcerer from hand. Cyber Dragon is Emon's Light, but Faith is in hand as well. If Tan can't pull a Crossout in the next turn, he's in trouble. The Graceful has given him the Reaper, so Reaper pokes for 300, discarding Emon's Reaper. Tan sets Decree. 5900 7700.

E5: Emon sets a monster and passes. His hand is obviously sub-optimal, but the Faith is telegraphed.

T6: Tan attacks the Faith, which retrieves Charity. Reaper then hits for 300, discarding Tsukuyomi. With Graceful and Sorcerer coming next turn, Tan is in huge trouble. 5900 7400

E7: Emon summons Sorc, removing Sorcerer. He clearly has answers and holds the Charity. He then sets one of each.

T8: Tan summons Breaker, which hits a face-down Shrink! Apparently, Emon has dug into his war chest and is playing at least one copy of the 5,000 dollar card. The Shrink chains, destroying Reaper. Breaker then hits the face-down Dekoichi, plays Creature Swap, and Tan removes his own Breaker. A good turn. Tan then sets a second s/t and passes.

E9: Emon plays his Graceful, discarding Mobius and Morphing Jar. He then sets one of each.

T10: Tan attacks into the face-down Warrior Lady with Sorcerer. When Sakuretsu is activated, Tan chains Decree (another +1, ban Decree!). Both are removed, and Tan passes.

E11: Acting on instinct, Emon summons Breaker and reads Scapegoat. He attacks for 1900, Tan conserves the goats, and Breaker hits Decree in mp two. This subtle play will prove crucial. 4000 7400

T12: Tan summons Cyber Dragon, attacking the spent Breaker for 500. With "Scapegoat" down, his field is secure. 4000 6900

T13: Emon summons Cyber Dragon which cancels. He then sets a face-down monster and passes.

T14: Tan summons Mystic Tomato which hits Merchant. Merchant reveals Storm, and Tan passes. In a miscalculation of epic proportions, Tan fears the Storm + Asura combination (which would nullify both his Tomato and Scapegoat), and decides to end phase Scapegoat, locking his board.

T15: Having cowed his opponent into mistakenly locking himself, Emon passes.

T16: Tan now has only four goats and Tomato with no Swaps in hand. Tomato goes in for 1400 and Tan passes. 4000 5500

T17: Emon sets one of each and passes.

T18: Tan's Tomato attacks into Dekoichi. Tan sets a spell or trap and passes.

T19: Emon sets a monster and passes. T20: Tan's Tomato attacks the second Faith, which retrieves Graceful again. The game is a close one.

T21: Emon plays Graceful Charity. He discards Night Assailant and Crossout, retrieving Magician from the graveyard. He plays Smashing Ground on Tomato, then sets one of each.

T22: Tan flips his Storm. Emon has just been pro stormed! He summons Sangan, Crosses out the face-down Faith, and attacks for 1000. After the huge Storm play, Emon appears to be reeling. Unfortunately, all of Tan's momentum is cut off by his self-imposed goat locked field. 4000 4500.

T23: Emon sets a monster and passes.

T24: Tan tributes Sangan for Zaborg, which hits Emon's Sangan! Tan searches Angel, Emon searches Frog. Tan attacks. He then sets a spell or trap and passes. 4000 2100.

T25: Emon plays Heavy Storm on Tan's face-down Book of Moon. He then sets a monster and a spell or trap and passes.

T26: Tan's Zaborg attacks into Mirror Force. He passes.

T27: Emon flips his Treeborn Frog, attacking the Scapegoat. This is a brilliant play. He then sets two s/ts and passes, telegraphing the obvious Torrential Tribute, which would clear Tan's goats and summoned monster (2 for 1).

T28: Tan holds the Sorcerer. He can either summon Sorcerer, walk into Torrential, and neutralize the game, or make the safe play and summon Shining Angel. He goes with the latter, cracking Frog for 1300. Surprisingly, there's no Torrential Tribute response from Emon. With no defenses in hand, Tan passes with the seemingly secure field of three goats and a Shining Angel. 4000 800.

T29: In one of the more incredible plays I have ever seen in my Yu-Gi-Oh life, Emon flips Return from the Different Dimension, returning Cyber Dragon, Magician of Faith, D.D Warrior Lady, Chaos Sorcerer, and Magician of Faith. Warrior Lady attacks into Angel, removing. Emon then flips Call for Mobius. The three monsters sweep the goats, and Sorc and Mobius get in for game. A perfect Torrential Tribute bluff mixed with some of the best instincts I've ever seen steal the game from Tan in the blink of an eye!

Emon takes game one in thrilling fashion. Tan had game but let it slip through his hands to a bizarre Scapegoat trigger. Emon's perfectly executed bluff then took control of the game in one rapid turn. Jason Tan opens game two, needing a win badly.

Tan Turn One: Tan sets one of each and passes.

Emon Turn Two: Emon summons Newdoria and attacks the face-down Reaper. He sets two spell or trap cards, telegraphing the obvious Shrink.

T3: With Mobius in hand, Tan chooses instead to Smash the Newdoria and attack with Reaper. It hits Emon's Shrink. Tan chains Moon from hand. Mobius would have picked a probable two for one (Shrink and spell or trap for Reaper). Tan sets another of each and passes.

T4: Emon summons Asura Priest, hitting Reaper to reveal it. Again, this telegraphs ANOTHER Shrink that Emon will be setting soon. The Asura then hits Tomato, which searches out Newdoria, which is attacked to kill Asura. First damage. Emon sets a second spell or trap again and passes. 7500 8000.

T5: Again Tan passes the Mobius and attacks with Reaper. This isn't a misplay persay, just a judgement call. As long as the face-down isn't Mobius, he can pull a definite two for one. Reaper attacks into Shrink number two. Emon's graveyard is now worth more than your life (kidding). Tan sets a second spell or trap, sets a monster, and passes.

T6: Emon end phases Goats, and for a second we think the pro Heavy is coming. Instead, Emon moves a goat to attack and plays Creature Swap. He gets Tan's Tomato, which is then tributed for Cyber Dragon (this isn't too great of a play-- Zaborg would have been huge). Emon was counting on the Tomato not being set, since Asura had hit one earlier. Cyber hits for 2100. 5400 8000.

T7: Tan plays his Graceful. He discards Cyber Dragon and Swap. He then plays Sorcerer removing Cyber Dragon, and passes. This might cost him.

T8: Emon has the Sorc of his own next turn, which removes Tan's.

T9: Tan gets a bit greedy/frisky and sets his Snatch Steal. He may be hoping for an overextension from Emon, but that's generally wishful thinking against a pro.

T10: Sorcerer hits for 2300. Emon then sets one of each and passes. 3100 8000.

T11: Now Tan plays Snatch, but Emon had set the answer anyways. MST is chained. Tan sets one of each and passes. Sorcerer has him on the ropes.

T12: Emon makes another professional manuever. He moves a goat to attack, revealing D.D Warrior Lady (trading 1600 life points for one card of advantage). Tan should have removed the goat, but he passes. Emon removes the DDWL with Sorcerer in the main phase. 3100 6400.

T13: Tan sets a spell or trap and passes.

T14: Emon moves his goat to defense and attacks into Mirror Force. He then sets one of each and passes.

T15: Tan plays Heavy Storm on Emon's Call of the Haunted. He then plays NoC on Emon's Magician of Faith. He then passes. Emon passes as well.

T17: Tan sets his topdecked Scapegoat and passes. When Emon summons Dwiddle next turn, Tan responds with Scapegoat. 3 left.

T19: Tan summons Exiled Force, which attacks a goat. He then pops it on DDWL.

T20: Emon passes, Tan passes, and Emon passes.

T23: Tan summons Asura Priest which clears the goats. I smell a Cyber Dragon, do you?

T24: Emon summons Cyber Dragon which hits a goat. He then sets one of each. Tan has two goats left.

T25: Tan summons Asura which reveals Emon's Reaper. He passes with an open field.

T26: Emon summons Mystic Tomato. He plays Controller on a goat token. Cyber hits for 2100, Reaper hits the last goat, and Mystic Tomato attacks for game.

Emon Ghaneian steals game one with a perfect play, then cruises to a 2-0 victory over Jason Tan.

JAELOVE's Smooth Journey
Match 6 of the Battle for North America
August 22, 2006

With Chris Simoes and Dale Bellido on Canada's side left versus the seemingly impervious wall of Emon Ghaneian, Anthony Alvarado, and Kris Perovic still left, Dale Bellido realized he had to play his heart out against Overdose's monster. The two duelists met up, exchanged handshakes, and rolled dice. Emon would open game one, a huge edge between such equally matched pros. The face of Canadian Yu-Gi-Oh! would clash for the first time with the most successful American duelist in history!

Emon Turn One: Emon opens with Confiscation, revealing Dale's Mirror Force, two Magician of Faiths, Zaborg, and Mobius. A quick discard of Force leaves Dale with no defensive options. Emon sets a monster and passes. 8000 7000.

Dale Turn Two: Dale sets one of each and passes.

E3: Emon crosses Dale's set Magician (a bold play with no spells in the yard!). Because Emon removes zero, his face-down monster must be Magician. He summons Reaper and hits for 300, discarding Zaborg. 7700 7000.

D4: Dale plays Smashing Ground on Reaper. He then sets his Faith.

E5: Emon flips the telegraphed Faith, crossing out Dale's last Magician. He then pokes for 300. 7400 7000.

D6: Dale summons Reaper which attacks Faith. Emon flips Mirror Force.

E7: Emon moves Magician to defense and passes, Dale passes, and Emon sets a monster.

D9: Dale summons Sangan, which hits Emon's Magician of Faith.

E10: Emon flips Dekoichi, removing the floating Sangan for 400 damage. Dale digs out Morphing Jar. Emon sets one of each and passes. 7000 7000.

D11: Dale decides to burn his hand, having seen the one Crossout (of two in deck) leave play earlier. Having the fortitude to put such a play out on the field is a hallmark of a good player. He summons Cyber Dragon, attacking into Sakuretsu Armor. He then summons Sorcerer, removing the Dekoichi, and sets his Morphing Jar.

E12: Emon has the answer though. He special summons Cyber Dragon, then uses Zaborg to hit Dale's face-down Morphing Jar. He then summons Sorcerer to remove Dale's Sorcerer, and attacks for 2400 with Zaborg. 4300 7000.

D13: Dale plays Premature Burial on his Sangan, tributing for Mobius. Emon smacks himself for setting the Return (a misplay because Mobius had been flashed on the turn one Confiscation and Return was unnecessary). Dale takes Spirit Reaper from hand and attacks Chaos Sorcerer for 100 damage. He summons his topdecked Sorcerer to remove Emon's Zaborg. Emon holds two cards in hand, so the exchange leaves Dale in good shape. 3500 6900.

E14: In a play that observers claim was not topdecked whatsoever, Emon with three cards in hand summons Chaos Sorcerer to remove Dale's Sorcerer, then summons Zaborg to destroy Dale's Mobius and hit for 2400. 1100 6900.

D15: Dale is in deep trouble now. He sets one of each and passes.

E16: Emon, attempting to go for game, makes his uncharacteristic second huge misplay of the match. He summons Dekoichi, knowing Dale had flashed Reaper from the Sangan search. Zaborg attacks into Sakuretsu, and the worthless Dekoichi reveals Reaper.

D16: Dale sets a spell/trap and passes. He is in topdeck mode after the flurry of exchanges.

E17: Emon sets a spell/trap, which is MSTed at the end phase.

D17: Dale sets a Controller.

E18: Emon plays Shrink and Dale's Controller is useless. When Dekoichi attacks for game, Dale has to play EC on it. This is a forced but terrible play. Dale has no choice, obviously, being at 1100 life points.

D19: Dale topdecks Breaker, which hits the marauding Dekoichi.

E20: Emon topdecks Premature Burial. He had Cyber Dragon in hand, but Premature seals the deal.

In a game that best exemplifies the rapid fire nature of the format, Emon's hoarding of resources and key Confiscation win the game for him. Play moves to game two, with Team Canada's backs to the walls.

Dale Turn One: Dale returns Emon's favor by playing Confiscation. He discards Emon's Graceful, playing a Graceful of his own. He then sets one of each and passes. 7000 8000.

Emon Turn Two: Emon summons Cyber Dragon which attacks Magician. Dale returns Graceful Charity to hand. Emon sets a spell or trap and passes.

T3: Dale summons Cyber Dragon, Tsukuyomi, and picks up the +1 while cracking for 1100. The early Confiscatoin let him move past Emon's bluff. 7000 6900.

E4: Emon summons Newdoria which cracks the Cyber Dragon. He then passes. 7000 6000.

T5: Dale sets a second s/t and passes. The two duelists pass for the next five turns.

D11: Dale breaks the flirtatious teasing by summoning reaper. It runs into Torrential.

E12: Emon sets a second s/t and a monster.

D13: Dale plays Crossout on Morphing Jar. He smells a Heavy lurking, and plays Space from hand on Emon's Shrink. The two duelists again pass the next two turns.

E16: Emon sets a monster and passes.

D17: Dale is still holding Charity. With seven cards in hand, he finally plays it, drawing into two Goldds! He discards both. One Goldd is tributed for Zaborg (since Torrential is gone), and both monsters attack into Scapegoat. Two goats are removed. This free +2 is huge, and Dale will undoubtedly win the duel due to this fortuitous circumstance.

E18: Emon summons Chaos Sorcerer. He takes priority to remove Goldd. He then moves a goat to attack, attempting to swap for Dale's Zaborg. Dale chains Scapegoat, and Emon has made another mistake (he should have removed the Zaborg). This is uncharacteristic of Mr. Ghaneian. D19. Dale attacks the Sorcerer for a +1. He then moves the goat to defense. 7000 5900.

E20: Emon plays a huge Premature Burial, removing Zaborg. He then sets a third s/t. 7000 5100.

D21: Dale believes he has the +1 pro storm after flipping it, but Emon works a wonderful Decree/Call chain to make it a two for two. He targets Sorcerer. Dale summons Cyber Dragon, then summons Sorcerer removing Emon's Sorcerer. Cyber Dragon hits for 2100, then Dale sets a s/t. 7000 3000.

E22: Emon summons Banisher to hit Dale's goat. He then attempts to play Enemy Controller on his last goat to take Sorcerer, but Dale has the huge Deck Devastation Virus! Emon can't believe his bad fortune and is left with one card in hand.

D23: Dale summons Tsuku, which clears Banisher. Dale has 4 cards in hand and two spell or traps to Emon's topdeck.

E24: Emon draws two Spirit Reapers and scoops.

Dale hits a huge hand after passing six turns with Graceful Charity conserved. The lucky double Goldd allows him to pull out a win over the invincible Emon. Emon opens the pivotal game three.

Emon Turn One: Emon sets a monster and passes. Again, this is a very conservative opening.

Dale Turn Two: Dale has another monster hand. He plays Graceful with one Goldd in hand, drawing into the second. Discarding both gives him two Goldds to the field again. Hitting the Merchant reveals Book of Moon (important), and the other Goldd hits for 2300. Dale then sets one of each and passes. 8000 5700.

E3: Emon can't believe Dale's good fortune, muttering and sighing to himself. He sets one of each and passes, obviously trying to weather the storm.

D4: In what Matt Peddle and I call the crucial turn of the match, Dale makes two semi-misplays in one turn. The first is summoning Mobius after seeing the Moon flashed last turn. The other is attacking Goldd into the face-down, then trying to activate his DDV in the damage step. Emon's Night Assailant destroys a Goldd, leaving Dale with a still impressive board after he sets another of each.

E5: Emon now knows that Dale has a DDV down. So Dale plays DDV in the draw phase. Emon discards DDWL, and has Sorcerer Graceful and Cyber Dragon in hand. He summons Dragon which hits Mobius for a +1 (huge).

D6: Dale flips his Magician for another Graceful. He discards Morphing Jar and MST. He summons Breaker, which hits Emon's Call. He then summons Sorcerer to remove Cyber Dragon. Incredibly, the game is now near even. Breaker attacks. 8000 4100.

E7: Emon has drawn Premature Burial. He summons Sorcerer, attempting to remove Dales. Dale chains DDV (it'll be the only time he can use it really), revealing Emon's Premature, Graceful, and Mirror Force. Premature and Graceful are the two best cards for the situation Emon is in, so his board is stabilizing quite well. DDV is missing all of Emon's draws as well. Emon sets a s/t and passes.

D8: Dale plays Call of the Haunted. This is his last chance for board control. He removes Emon's Sorcerer. Breaker attacks for 1600. 8000 2500.

E9: Emon is forced to play Graceful with DDV active. He discards Magician and Sakuretsu Armor. However, he had drawn two more Sorcerers off Graceful Charity! He summons a Sorcerer, removes Dale's, and passes. Dale passes. Emon removes Breaker and passes, and Dale sets a monster.

E13: Emon summons Tsukuyomi, which is quite unusual. Dale triggers Torrential, destroying his own Reaper.

D14: Dale sets a monster and passes. Emon sets a second s/t, Dale sets a s/t, and Emon seizes the initiative.

E17: Emon plays Premature Burial which brings out Sorcerer. It hits Dale's face-down Tsukuyomi. Dale's defenses seem to be bare.

D18: Dale summons Cyber Dragon. He Crosses the Sorcerer, attacking into Mirror Force.

E19: Emon plays Space. Dale has no response. Emon flips Return for game, climbing back from a huge hole for a stunning 2-1 defeat over Dale Bellido!

Emon seizes victory from Dale Bellido's grasp, leaving Chris Simoes to take down three Overdose in a row.

Match 7 of the Battle for North America
August 23, 2006

Having disposed of the face of Canadian Yu-Gi-Oh, Emon Ghaneian was primed to take down the last remaining member of team Canada. Unfortunately, he was paired up against a battle-hardened TCG veteran by the name of Chris Simoes, who had stormed onto the Yu-Gi-Oh scene as an unknown last year by destroying Sang Bui in the fifth match of the original team battle. To get through the star-studded USA lineup, Simoes would have to yam his way through Mr. Shonen Jump part two, big Anthony Alvarado, and the deadly Kris Perovic. When Emon won the dice roll to start things off, things looked even grimmer.

Emon Turn One: Emon did his customary play of setting a monster and passing. The goal was to commit as little to the board as possible to conserve cards (and options) in hand. Writers who speak as if card advantage means nothing now because the Goat format is gone, or speak of new-fangled concepts like "tempo" and "board-presence" that easily switch to a Snatch Steal, Sorcerer, or Zaborg are misdirecting you! The correct way to play has always been to commit as little to the board as possible while hoarding advantage over the opponent. Watching the pros at work has proven this time and time again.

Chris Turn Two: Chris sets a s/t and passes. This signals either a strong opening with Scapegoat or a weak opening with no playable monsters.

E3: Emon flips Dekoichi and pokes for 1400. With no Goats from Chris, he's in real trouble real fast. Emon then sets one of each and passes. 6600 8000.

C4: Chris passes.

E5. Emon flips his Merchant, revealing Sakuretsu Armor. The onset of floaters strikes for another 1600 damage. He sets a second s/t and passes. 5000 8000.
C6: Chris summons Magician of Faith, attacking Merchant. This is basically a terrible play (fueled by a desperate field state) in every sense of the term. Chris sets a second s/t to his backfield and passes. He obviously has a Book of Moon down as he sets his second s/t. 5000 7900.

E7: Emon plays Graceful, discarding Night Assailant (for Merchant) and Treeborn Frog. this game is in hand. When he summons Mobius for Dekoichi, forcing Chris to waste his Moon and trigger Torrential, the game is all but over. Chris passes the next turn.

E9. Emon sets one of each, putting himself at three set spell/traps.

C10: Chris summons his first playable monster, Mystic Tomato. It attacks into Emon's Sakuretsu Armor, and at the end phase Emon activates Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Chris's set Scapegoat.

E11. Emon flips another Merchant, this time for Book of Moon. He plays Confiscation, revealing Chris's hand of Tsukyomi, Swap, Swap, Mirror Force, and Mobius. He takes out the Mirror Force, then tributes Merchant for Cyber Dragon. He also summons Chaos Sorcerer and attacks. 600 6900.

C12: Chris topdecks Chaos Sorcerer, removing Emon's Sorcerer. He then tributes for Mobius, which hits Emon's face-down Book of Moon and Sakuretsu Armor. He then plays Creature Swap, using Emon's Cyber Dragon to destroy his own face-down Mobius. He sets a s/t. This was a great turn, but it won't save him from Emon's huge advantage.

E13: Emon sets a monster and passes. Chris attacks the monster with his Cyber Dragon, and Emon takes back Book of Moon (over Graceful Charity, signalling Moon's strength). Chris passes.

E15: Emon plays Heavy Storm, hitting Chris's bluff Swap. He then summons Breaker. He plays Moon/Crossout on the Cyber Dragon and attacks for game.

Emon pulls out a lightning quick Game One. He is one win away from match point! Chris elects to open game 2.

Chris Turn One: Simoes opens with a set s/t and passes. Again, this signals either a strong play with Scapegoat or a bad draw.

Emon Turn Two: Emon sets a monster and passes. This time, however, his patience will bite him in the buttocks.

C3: Chris, capitalizing on Emon's general play habits, overextends with Cyber Dragon and Spirit Reaper, expecting to see a flip-effect. Sure enough, Cyber Dragon exposes Emon's Merchant which fetches Crossout. Reaper attacks for 300, discarding Emon's Cyber Dragon. 8000 7700.

E4: Emon summons Cyber Dragon and Breaker, which breaks Simoes's Sakuretsu Armor (set from turn one). They both crash into Reaper for damage. Not cancelling the Dragons definitely hurts Emon next turn, although it was highly likely Emon was just trying to push damage because he was alreadly lost on advantage (Simoes gets +1 from Reaper discard and +1 from starting first).T 4900 7700.

C5: The decision to switch it up to an aggressive gear costs Emon dearly when Chris tributes Cyber Dragon for Zaborg. Zaborg attacks Breaker, and Reaper makes Emon discard another Crossout. Chris sets a s/t and passes. 4900 6600.

E6: Emon sets one of each and passes.

C7: Chris summons Breaker into Book of Moon. Zaborg attacks the face-down Dekoichi, Reaper hits for 300, discarding Emon's Treeborn Frog.

E8: Emon sets a monster.

C9: When Chris topdecks Crossout, forcing another discard and putting Emon in an unwinnable position, Emon scoops.

Chris Simoes capitalizes on Emon's bad draw to take game two in 9 turns! Emon opens game three, still serving for match point.

Emon opens Game Three, Turn One: Emon summons Mystic Tomato and sets a s/t. He realizes Chris is on to his more conservative strategy, and must adjust accordingly.

Chris Turn Two: Chris summons Sangan and sets Sakuretsu Armor with Zaborg in hand. If Emon falls into the mistake of setting a monster after his Tomato is Saku'ed, he will be in huge trouble. If he has a piece of spell or trap removal, however, the momentum swing should be too huge for Chris to return from. This turn decides the rest of the duel.

E3: Emon does not have the piece of s/t removal. His Tomato attacks into Sakuretsu Armor. He then makes the crucial mistake of summoning Cyber Dragon and passing. Any Zaborg will slay him instantly. See what happens when you try to expand field presence at the cost of advantage? Superior card advantage will provide the net gain every time.

C4: Chris summons Sangan for Zaborg. He gets Treeborn Frog and has 5 cards in hand to Emon's 4 in hand. He attacks for 2400, then plays Graceful discarding Frog and Faith. He passes.

E5: Emon sets a monster and passes.

C6: Chris returns Frog then plays MST on the s/t that Emon had since turn one. It's a Scapegoat! Zaborg attacks a Goat. Chris then tributes his frog for another Zaborg, which hits Emon's face-down Reaper.

E7: Emon summons Breaker, plays Book of Moon on Zaborg, and attacks it. This is a very tough position for Emon.

C8: Chris returns Frog. He summons his Breaker, hitting Emon's Shrink (a huge play had it connected). It is chained to Zaborg. Zaborg hits a goat, Breaker rams for -300 to get Chris a Dark. Chris then summons Sorcerer, removes Breaker, and sets a s/t. 7700

E9: Emon summons his own Sorcerer, removing Chris's. He then tributes for Zaborg, hitting Chris's Zaborg. Zaborg then attacks into Book of Moon.

C10: Chris summons Tomato, attacking the face-down.

E11: Emon sets a monster and passes.

C12: Smelling game, Chris tributes his Frog for Mobius (which has no targets). Tomato hits Dekoichi, Mobius hits for 2400. 7700 3200.

E13: Emon has no play but to summon Tsukuyomi and attack Mobius.

C14: Chris tributes his frog for another Mobius and swings for game!

Chris "Legendkiller" Simoes adds Emon Ghaneian to his collection (along with famous USA player Sang Bui). He will now move on to battle Anthony Alvarado as Canada's last hope! Anakin Simoes? The Last of the Mohicanadians? Anything is possible!
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this is goin to interesting battle i cant wait to hear what happens seeing as i aint goin to canada


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It's not going to be in Cnada. It's going to be in Indy. I wish I were goign but sadly I'm not. Oh well maybe this time next year I'll be in the war. Of course I will have to attend more events, and that is somehting I plan on doing.