Yugioh: Tactical Evolution Info


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This is from dmcomet.net about the set coming after Force Of The Breaker

Tactical Evolution
To be release 5/12/2007 - in Japan
Total 80 cards, 5 Ultra, 9 Super, 18 Rare, 48 Common
5 cards per pack
- New category of monster after Union, Spirit, etc.
- Strategy and Collectibility improve with more cards
- Higher enclosing rate of Ultra Rare cards
- New Rare card that surpass Ultimate Rare
- Rainbow Dragon (used by Johan Andersen) is included

New system: "Dual Monster" (monster that can be treated as a Normal monster and an Effect monster)
Hell Kaiser Dragon
Fire/Dragon - Dual/6/2400/1500
When this card is face-up on the field or in Graveyard, treat this card as a Normal monster. When you resummon this card treated it as a Normal Summon when this card is face-up on the field, this card becomes an effect monster and gains the following effect.
- This card can attack two times in a Battle Phase
Ultra/Ultimate Rare

Poison Venom Lord - Venominaga
(Effect unknown)

Elemental Hero Dark Brightman

[E-Hero Sparkman] + [E-Hero Necro Darkman]
This card cannot be special summon outside of by Fusion Summon. (????)
Ultra/Ultimate Rare

Dimensional Tunnel - Mirror Gate -
Trap - Normal
When a face-up [E-Hero] monster on your field is target of attack, this card can be activate during attack declaration. (????)
Ultra/Ultimate Rare