Yugioh: SD-11; Surge of Radiance Spoiler


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the following is from dmcomet.net
SD-11 Surge of Radiance:
The cards:
Airhero (?) - Neo Perseus
This card can be special summon by sacrificing a [Airknight - Perseus] from your field. When this card attack monster is defense mode, this card's attack strength is higher than the defense strength of the defending monster, deal battle damage to opponent equal to the difference. Also, when this card does battle damages to opponent, draw a card from your deck. When [Sanctuary of Sky] is on the field, when your lifepoint is higher than opponent's lifepoint, increase this card's attack and defense strength by that difference.

Airsaint (?) - Melltius
When this card is face-up on the field, when a Counter Trap is activate increase your lifepoint by 1000. Also when [Sanctuary of Sky] is on the field, destroy a card on opponent's field.

Intelligent Angel - Harvest
When this card is destroy and sent to Graveyard by battle, you may add a Counter Trap from your Graveyard into your hand.

Guide of Victory - Freya
When you have other Angel type monster(s) outside of [Guide of Victory - Freya] on your field, this card cannot be target of attack. When this card is face-up on the field, increase the attack and defense strength of Angel type monsters on your field by 400.

Caling Nova
When this card is destroy as result of battle and sent to Graveyard, you can choose and special summon a Light/Angel monster from your deck with attack strength of 1500 or less onto your field. When [Sanctuary of Sky] is on the field, you can special summon an [Airknight - Perseus] instead.

Holy Jeral
When [Sanctuary of Sky] is on the field, when this card is sent to Graveyard outside of by being destroyed in battle, increase your lifepoint by 1000.

Jeroen Duo
This card cannot be destroy as result of battle. When this card's controller suffer damages, destroy this face-up card on the field. When sacrifice summon for a Light/Angel monster, this monster can be treated as two sacrifices.

Divine Protection of Goddess
Trap - Continuous
Increase your lifepoints by 3000. When this card is face-up on the field when leaving the field, you suffer 3000 point damages.

Full decklist:

Airhero - Neo Perseus
Airsaint - Mellius
Intelligent Angel - Harvest
Guide of Victory - Freya
Calling Nova
Holy Jeral
Jeroen Duo
Dunamis Valkyria x2
Shining Angel x2
Soul of Purity
Airknight - Perseus x2
Guardian Angel - Joan
Assistant of Strength - Mars
Absorption Child
Royal Knight
Artemis of Harvest
Reiyad of Relief
Adjudicator - Voltanis

Apostle of Obliteration
Early Burial
Sealing Swords of Light
Heavy Storm
Dagura's Blade
Sanctuary of Sky x2
Lightning Vortex
Mallet of Luck
Divine Protection of Goddess

Claymore Mine
Attack Nullification x2
Declaration of God
Magic Jammer
Seven Tools of Thief
Calling of Light
Divine Judgment

NOTE: This is a direct translation from JPN, not the names we know some of these as


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I am very much liking the look of this deck. An Airknight searcher, a bigger badder Airknight and a cross between Reaper and Kaiser Sea Horse to make awesome tribute fodder for both.


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they definately are making better SD's with the coming of this deck and the soon to come machines with GADGETS.