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Yugioh GX


Registered Member
I personally love it. The duels actually follow the rules of the actual game. WB should have aired this on Saturday mornings instead of dawn of the duel, or as i call it "yugioh: the history lesson."


i think its horribly drawn, the characters say stupid stuff, the show is generally lame and should be on Nick Jr.


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I love the show. It's awesome the decks are better the the original yugioh which makes it a ton better. I also love the lines "Chazz it up" and "Get ready to get your game on" and more it's hilarious lol.


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everytime i feel like dueling scyanyde i say "its time to get your game on" or "lets throw down some facedowns". he hates it but i laugh my butt off.


Ever since I saw the show I wanted to copy Jaden's deck and my friend get mad when I get the fusions out.


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Jaden's deck is hard to run in real life. he runs single copies of cards and only one draw card PoG. but its got potential.


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GX is the worst yugioh ive ever seen!!! except Zane, hes tight, Jaden is ok, but i like him cuz Alexis is his GF


i dont know but iv seen it a few times it seems to be less boring then the original this one actully makes me want to watch it.


Anyone remember the Duel masters show? The us screwed that up into total silliness. I must say it was lightly entertaining
Remember the original Yu-GI-Oh? Still airs on WB saturday morning? Seriousness of saving the world?

Add the humor of DM and add the Seriousness of YU-GI-OH, and you get Yu-Gi-Oh Gx. Really, that's what you get. The plot line is at least a little better. And i like how it's a school and has all these great new ideas. Really, it's an okay thing. It's a good 7-45 show.yeah. 17. most the guys who actually play the game in a competitve sense are about 30.

Anyways, it's a good show. The Japanese anime of course was much more excellent and less "humor" as they usually are.
I give it an 8.5 out of 10 for an anime that's been dubbed. Seriously, i rarely watch stuff dubbed, but this is all right. I'm sure I'd like the japan version more though.