Yugioh: Elemental Hero Collections Coming Soon


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The following is fom metagame.com

Two hot news items have just come in! It looks like UDE has announced a couple of surprise products for the holiday season.

The first product is the Elemental Hero Collection. This will be a two-box item, with a Collection #1 and a Collection #2.

Each Collection box will come with four Elemental Hero cards with Secret Rare foil tech, four booster packs, and a Fusion Guide poster showing all the possible Fusion combos between the Elemental Hero monsters. For fans of Elemental Heroes, this sounds like a great way to add some new foil cards to your deck. Depending on which Heroes were printed as Secret Rares, it will be possible to have an all-foil Elemental Hero deck soon.

Sources say that the Elemental Hero Collections should be out within a week or two.

The second item is Ultimate Edition 2. You might remember Ultimate Edition 1, which came out around this time last year and included two packs of Dark Revelation 2 plus the long-awaited Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon card. UDE has announced that Ultimate Edition 2 will contain the equally long-awaited Dragon Master Knight! This Level 12 Fusion of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Black Luster Soldier has 5000 ATK and DEF, plus 500 more for every Dragon on your side of the field.

The Dragon Master Knight was originally created by Yugi and Kaiba to battle against the Five-Headed Dragon (recently released in the Dinosaur’s Rage Special Set). So it looks like UDE gave us a twofer by having Dragon Master Knight follow hot on the heels of Five-Headed Dragon. Yugi and Kaiba used this monster again in Season 4 while battling Dartz, although the monster name was changed on the anime to Master of Dragon Soldier. But it looks like UDE decided to stick with the original name from Season 1.

Details on the contents of the Ultimate Dueling Guide included in this product are still mysterious, although insider sources have hinted that it will include a “history of the game†feature tracing the story of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG since the Yugi/Kaiba starter decks back in 2002.

The following is from control master on pojo.com

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG GX Elemental Hero Collection 1 (2006.11.07) [EHC1-EN]
4 cards total (4 Secret Rare)

EHC1-EN = The Lost Millennium (2005.05.28) [TLM-EN] + Elemental Energy (2005.11.05) [EEN-EN] + Power of the Duelist (2006.08.05) [POTD-EN] + Cyberdark Impact (2006.11.04) [CDIP-EN] + Fusion Guide poster

Secret Rare Cards:

EHC1-EN001 Elemental Hero Avian (TLM-EN001)
EHC1-EN002 Elemental Hero Burstinatrix (TLM-EN002)
EHC1-EN003 Elemental Hero Bubbleman (CRV-EN014)
EHC1-EN004 Elemental Hero Flame Wingman (TLM-EN035)

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG GX Elemental Hero Collection 2 (2006.11.07) [EHC2-EN]
4 cards total (4 Secret Rare)

EHC2-EN = The Lost Millennium (2005.05.28) [TLM-EN] + Elemental Energy (2005.11.05) [EEN-EN] + Power of the Duelist (2006.08.05) [POTD-EN] + Cyberdark Impact (2006.11.04) [CDIP-EN] + Fusion Guide poster

Secret Rare Cards:

EHC2-EN001 Elemental Hero Clayman (TLM-EN003)
EHC2-EN002 Elemental Hero Sparkman (TLM-EN004)
EHC2-EN003 Elemental Hero Wildheart (EEN-EN008)
EHC2-EN004 Elemental Hero Thunder Giant (TLM-EN036)