Yugioh CotD; Friday, November 3rd, 2006: Black Stego


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Even with the next booster, Cyberdark Impact, hitting in pre-release this weekend; Power of the Duelist still has a few overlooked cards.

This guy has some potential as its effect triggers once its selected as the monster to be attacked:
When this card is selected as an attack target by your opponent's monster, this card is changed to Defense Position.

At first look this guy might get overlooked as just another mediocre dinosaur. But look a little closer and you realize that you have a 2000DEF monster who can defend himself if you summon him in attack mode. Now most CC duelist laugh and go "Cyber Dragon runs right over him." Even though this is true doesn't mean it'll be the case.

The ideal way to use this guy is through Giant Rat. Let them attack a rat with one of their bigger guys and them bring out Black Stego to stall their lower than 2000 attack.

This guy isn't fully abuseable but can surely mess with your opponents strategy.

Advanced: 2 out of 5
Traditional: 2 out of 5


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With the dinosaur field card, Black Stego gets a whopping 2300 defense so it will take something bigger than a Cyber Dragon to take down Black Stego.