Yugioh cards for sale


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I have a huge collection of yugioh cards. But, I don't play them anymore. So, i would like to sell them. commn cards sell for five cents each, and rare cards for 5 dollars each.
(note, i have not bought a card or played for 4+ years, so I have no recent cards. Contact me via pm if interested)


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You would have better luck trying to sell them to a Card shop, Yu-gi-oh cards have fallen in value lately. You could make a bundle pack of all your rare cards and put those up for auction on eBay, the commons you give to people as freebies for purchasing 1 of your rare packs.

The only other thing you can do is sell them at Yu-gi-oh card tournaments.

But if you are trying to get 5.00 for your rare cards then you are gonna need pics, and remember : Nothing is Rare, you can find hundreds of those particular cards for sale. Ebay and the internet have taken the word "Rare" out of the collecting and gaming world.

Right now the market is so saturated with cards form all the kids who started playing the game when it first started out and are now grown up and don't wanna play the game anymore so they are selling their cards too.

So I would advise that you either make pack sets and take good pics of the sets or you hang on to them till you have kids (they will be worth more then), but right now isn't a good time to try and unload them.

People just aren't spending money on these types of things right now.

Good luck on getting rid of your cards, but as a collector I would advise you to hang on to them (unless you need the money) for a little bit longer.


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i agree with Surfer. I'm giving whatever i couldn't sell to my cousin and just keeping a deck and some cards for myself in case i ever decide to play again.