Yu-gi-oh Card of the Day Nov 12, 2006

Discussion in 'Cards & Board Games' started by Kos4Evr, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Kos4Evr

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    As sad as it sounds, I like the old school normal monsters that aren't very playable anymore. Not becaust they aren't strong, cuz there aren't many 1 tribute monsters with an attack higher than Summoned Skull (with the possible exception of Great Maju Garzette) yet, though the non tribute mons are being over powered by a number of monsters today. So any support for normal monsters is a good thing and Justi-Break isn't good, its great.

    Justi-Break is Torrential Tribute that you activate when a normal monster is attacked AND if that normal monster is in attack position it is not destroyed. This supports E-Heros (which probably explains the name), the Huge Revolution monsters and many other normal monster based decks including Ojama and Moke Moke decks. Plus a normal 1900 attack monster is an ideal target for a Cyber Dragon so Justi-Break makes them want to use removal instead of brute force. Removal can be countered by My Body as a Shield and then that means they have to destroy Justi-Break instead. A nice card to use with Justi-Break is Fake Trap which saves all other traps on the field from s/t removal.

    All in all a great card to support normal monsters and absolutely not splashable in CC decks.

    In a Normal monster beatdown 4/5

  2. Turbo

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    nice review.....normal monsters might make a return if people can blend effect with normal beatstick like in the old days. in an effect happy meta, justi-break and normal monsters could change things a bit.

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