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more often.. LOL

YouTube - Cristobal Huet Team FRANCE

oh well, this was really more of a fun topic than serious one, in wait for the season, it's gonna be the 1st full season since before the lockout for my team without Huet.

who else says there will be an uprising of hockey for France in the near future :urp:


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:lol: you know I'd look up Huet in wiki and it lead me to checking Chicago Blackhawks. They don't seem to be a winning team lately...


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He had 1 good season with Montreal, we had a team full of un-experienced idiots in 2006 and the only reason we made the playoffs was because of him. I remeber we'd win games 1-0 and 2-1, and leads like that in hockey are very hard to keep unless you have a good goalie.. lol.. then the year after he sucked.

but in 2006 when he was good whenever he'd make a great save La Marsseille would be playing in the arena.