YoVille on FB and MySpace


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Greetings all

So how many of you play the game? I have been playing it for a few months and have made one of the trippiest places on YoVille. I enjoy bending the rooms and making optical illusions. I go by the name Surfer on there my house is called the Twilight Zone.
Now that i am feeling better and have more time i have been working on it to finish it. I am 90% finished with my house.

I guess they have made some changes while i was away. Thank goodness for friends who played my game and sent me to work to get my coins and other goodies.

I have to say i like some of the new changes they have made to the game. So do you play YoVille and what made you start playing it in the first place? How many homes do you have? Are you a rear collectible hunter? I lke to get the things that interest me and I think would fit into what I am doing.
I have a few rares but most things i work with are common stuff but i use them in unusual ways to warp rooms. Check out my house and you will see what I am talking about.

So what is your YoVille story?

BTW I play on FB not myspace.


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My sister asked me to sign up so she could get more coins when she went to work. I haven't really got into it, I actually find it quite boring compared to the other games I play on facebook, but I've only spent maybe an hours tops playing.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I get into room bending. I love to knock down the walls and do something new and unique with my places. My house "The Twilight Zone" has won several contests and has had several imitators and copy cats (but that cool) it just makes me think in new ways to retweak the rooms to something never seen yet.

As far as the community feel...no there is not so much a feel to it. the game is more about how many can i get and resell for profit now. When Zynga added the level points to the game they killed off some of the fun.
People use to help each other out and exchange ideas now the hackers, scammers and free loaders have taken over the game . When i go on i just got to my places and tweak them and straighten things up or just make a new room now a days.

I hope things go back to normal there soon. It was a fun place to play and hang with friends.


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I just installed it today via MySpace I think..could be Facebook, don't really remember and to be honest it's not my cuppa tea.


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My mom is into all of these Facebook apps. She said the most trouble she had with her computer was Yoville though. SO Im real hesitant to give it a try personally. Most of the time I've spent on Applications was on Farmtown. I enjoy that one, but havent really used it in a while. To much excitement elsewhere.


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I started playing because you told me about it. I have to get use to the game and it's pretty fun. If you like the Sims, then you will like this game too.