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Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by stansoft, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. stansoft

    stansoft Registered Member

  2. coupleacudanuts

    coupleacudanuts New Member

    MY opinion.....15 minutes of fame......I don't think A room full of ads can compete
    with ads on body parts.....The only way he might get a lot of bids, is if one of
    the chains like Lowes picks up on it.
  3. jesudason55

    jesudason55 Registered Member

    The idea is kind of cool (if not for the webcam, it would not be as interesting), but he doesn't have any bids yet.... we'll see what happens! 2 days left!
  4. LicentiousVenus

    LicentiousVenus Registered Member

    I think a lower starting bid would help if you try this again, I think the price scares ppl away. Very creative idea though.

    Maybe you could send e-mails to some building supply and construction companys pointing your auciton out to them. Might be worth a try.

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